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Virtual PC 2007 beta coming “soon”!

September 29th, 2006 by André Nogueira

I just went to Connect, and saw that one of their upcoming betas is… Virtual PC 2007! This might not be great or even unexpected news, but it’s good to see they’ll be beta testing this version – I had countless problems with the “Alt Gr” key… (did they only test VPC2004 with US keyboards?)

The beta will run from 10th November 2006 until 30th March 2007. You can only apply for the beta during this period, so there’s no need to logon to Connect now 🙂

I know not if these dates are final, or if nominations will begin prior to the beginning of the beta period – I’ll try to find more info, and keep you posted.

The Virtual PC Guy’s WebLog blog doesn’t seem to have any info about the beta… But i’ll be monitoring it for information!

Source: Connect

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