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School Shootings – What is the world coming to?

September 29th, 2006 by Kristan M. Kenney

It’s not often I write about subjects such as this – but it seems like for the last few months, all that has been on CNN is school shootings. Take for instance the incident earlier this week regarding the 53-year-old that walked into a school, took 6 female hostages, molested them, and shot one of them in the back of the head before killing himself. Or the incident of a student in Montreal who killed one student and injured 19 others before killing himself on September 13th? Let’s not forget the Columbine school shooting that happened in 1999, either.

I myself am still in high school – and it is incidents like this that make me think sometimes, could it happen locally? Sometimes they say that you never fully realize the impact of an event until it actually happens close to home.

What is the world coming to? Public high schools should be a safe place for students to learn and make friends – not get shot up. What has the government done to curbstomp this kind of behavior? What CAN be done about it? Where the hell are the kids getting the guns and ammunition?

If you’ve watched the movie Bowling for Columbine (I enjoyed it, a great work of art by Michael Moore) – they showed a clip of someone who had a rifle on them… it was disassembled and stashed under their clothing… you couldn’t even tell he had anything on him. How can schools stop this if they have no way of telling if someone has a gun on them?

This shit needs to stop – lock the damn gun registry down and enforce the law like you’re supposed to, taxpayers aren’t shelling out their cash to you politicians for nothing, mmkay? Parents, stop leaving your ****ing gun cabinets unlocked!

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12 Responses

  1. Jason Cox Says:

    Kristan, regarding your last line about parents and gun cabinets, locking the gun cabinet wont keep a person out. Putting trigger locks on the guns wont keep a person out. Putting the ammo in sealed military-grade storage containers wont keep a person out. If some psycho kid wants to get his hands on dad’s gun bad enough he’ll find a way. For example, my father keeps his guns locked in the cabinet with trigger locks on the guns. He has never shown me where the keys are and if he had caught me looking for them when I was younger it wouldnt have been pretty, but the fact is I knew where one set of keys were and finding the other set wouldnt have been that are.

    Off that subject, I wish there was more we could do to secure the schools, but unless we install airport grade security scanning systems in schools, there’s not much we can do. That and the ACLU would start whining and crying and Jesse Jackson would come on TV and denounce some school district that pulled a gun off a kid but didnt read him his rights or some garbage like that.

    Oy. Whatever happened to parents putting the “fear of god” into their kids…

  2. Michael Mattsson Says:

    just a note: the incident in Montreal was committed by a 25 year old man. Not a student.

  3. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Me and Wendy had a cerfuffle about this some time ago – she said “how can you live in a country where you can’t defend yourself?” – I said that you don’t need to. There was only one ever big case of a school shooting and that was Dunblane – gun crime believe it or not is a fraction of a percent compared to the States. My opinion – ban guns in the States – it’ll take a while to be enforced, but it’ll *greatly* reduce the risk as it has done in Britain.

  4. Jason Cox Says:

    Banning guns wont solve any problems, it’ll only make it harder for people to get guns. If someone is determined enough they will get their hands on the weapon they want. It’s illegeal for me to own an M249 SAW (machine gun), but given the right contacts and the right amount of cash, I could aquire one and ammunition to go with it.

  5. steve Says:

    don’t leave the guns cabinets unlocked?

    let me ask. what has CHANGED in this country that makes this horrible even (school shooting) more frequent today than, say, 20 years ago? Back then, MORE GUNS WERE AVAILABLE. So, its not about locking up guns, or getting rid of guns. Perhaps, the lock on the TV SET should be employed instead of the gun cabinet.

  6. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Erm.. banning guns *will help*. Gun murders are still very rare in the UK, and they make a big fuss about it and say we’re out of control when it happens, but I’d say on average one big profile gun killing a week in a population of 60 million, whilst American’s by statistics own more guns than cars…

  7. Patrick S Says:

    Makes it a bit hard if its a constitutional right of American Citizens that they can own a gun. I guess you could jack prices up on them though to curve the purchase of them… But either way banning guns in the states is never going to happen-Guns are legal in other countries and this sorta stuff doesn’t happen-perhaps it their culture who knows?

  8. André Nogueira Says:

    Banning guns won’t solve any problems – if people can’t buy them in stores, they’ll buy them on the streets. The price is a bit higher? Probably, but so what? That won’t stop the people who really want to do these things – they’ll rob if they have to.
    In Portugal anyone can have a gun, provided they go through training and they pass. I don’t know what the costs involved in getting a permit are, but I know only _one_ person who owns a gun, and he only has it because he works in the military.
    So what’s the cause of all these things? I honestly don’t know. But I’d say that if the source of the problem isn’t found anytime soon, it’s bound to get worse.

  9. Patrick S Says:

    I myself have done this training it is 141 NZD to do it… You do the training….the officer comes to your house to check your security (i.e safes etc) and then checks two people you nominate to refer you… The 2 peoples houses are also checked for safety as well.I know many people that have firearms in New Zealand

  10. rohan Says:

    Britan, Australia, NZ, all Ban guns.The only people I know in all 3 countries that have guns are either milatary or in the police force. There is no need for guns if they are hard to get and the only ones you are going to be able to get are things like a bolt action rifle and a 2 barrell manaul shot gun. I agree that the US has alot more people and that they need to change their constitution.

    Comparison of U.S. gun homicides to other industrialized countries:
    In 1998 (the most recent year for which this data has been compiled), handguns murdered:

    373 people in Germany
    151 people in Canada
    57 people in Australia
    19 people in Japan
    54 people in England and Wales, and
    11,789 people in the United States

    but surely that has to be worth the 12k in human lives that are taken each year in the US by gun related crimes.

  11. steve Says:

    Those 12,000 murderers, faced with a lack of guns (which is impossible, btw) will simply move on to other contraptions. Call me silly, but given a choice… I’ll choose being shot to death than beat to death with a hammer or stabbed to death with a screwdriver.

    perhaps we should just ban all pointy devices too. that’ll stop all those silly stabbings.

  12. Patrick S Says:

    Dude… New Zealand and Australia do not ban guns i know this for a fact because i live within one of those countries!!! The only differnce between Austalia and NZ gun laws is Australia forbids the use of Semi-auto guns. Both ban the use of hand guns but thats a differnt issue!