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MSBLOG Exclusive: Now it’s 45…

August 25th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

I did tell you guys that this month was going to be a busy one, and it most certainly is. Now announced are two more Windows Live services:

Windows Live Essentials and with it comes the complimentary Windows Live Dashboard.

Windows Live Essentials is basically the Microsoft equivilent of Google Pack and we saw this coming ever since that last message in the installation of Live Messenger saying “Please note, there may be other installations in progress” or something of that effect. It’ll let you select the services and applications you want to install and highlight the main ones, Messenger, Mail Center (it’s still called Mail Desktop and will be called this eventually), and Live Toolbar which comes out before Christmas.

Windows Live Dashboard is the interface given of which lets you see what’s on offer, what you’ve already got and are using, as well as the opportunity to download and install new ones that come along once they’re finished.

The Live Essentials beta will begin in the next couple of weeks – and just to clarify, there are now 45 Windows Live services, even though Dashboard is a service hiding within Essentials.

Edit: Just noticed, Chris has posted just after this, go and see his post as well here.

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