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MSBLOG Exclusive: Windows Live Spaces goes mobile

August 13th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

This seems to have been unseen everywhere else on the web, but believe it or not, Windows Live Spaces has been upgraded for mobile users. I use my mobile device a lot (running Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition, Second Edition) using wireless capabilities, and I regularly check out the mobile version of the Live pages. Although there’s a lot to be changed, and it’s still along the lines of “MSN” and not “Windows Live” (see this screenshot)

There’s a new logo, and thats about it. That’s pretty much the only change within the entire interface from a few days ago when it was still MSN Spaces. Nevertheless, it’s still cool and I like some of the changes they’ve done… well I like the new logo anyway, seeing as that’s all that’s changed.

Access Windows Live Spaces for mobiles:
1) Go to in your mobile web browser
2) Sign in using your Windows Live ID credentials
3) Click on “MSN Spaces – updated”

Alternatively, check out any Space by using the address in your mobile browser:

Click for a larger screenshot

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