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A note for to Windows Live Messenger contact cards

August 7th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Have you ever seen these on contact cards and thought “what on Earth do they mean?”. Well here’s a quick, simple and short explaination.

The first contact card, the user is using Microsoft Office Live Communicator, which is the standard internal messaging client within Microsoft. Most likely, anyone with an email address will have this icon in the contact card, or if your company uses Live Communications Server, this will appear on your card as well.

The second contact card is if the user is using Windows Live Messenger with a* account, or they are using Yahoo! Messenger with a Yahoo! account.

The third contact card simply means that they are using a web-based version of Messenger, most likely MSN Web Messenger seeing as they’re all interoperable with each other.

There we go… hope that irons a few theories out 🙂

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