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Customise where your Friends appear in Windows Live Spaces

August 5th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

This is sourced from Mike Torres’ blog on Spaces, which explains how you can customise where your Friends can appear in the new module, Friends Explorer in Windows Live Spaces. This entry just snips it down a bit and explains how you do it step by step. It’s a little complicated, but I personally think it’s worth it in the end.

1) Login to your Windows Live Space – if you need to sign in, it should present you with the Windows Live ID login screen. After that, it should take you to your Space homepage.

Go to your Friends section – if you can’t find it, just add /friends after your homepage URL and you should get there.

This ideally works if you actually have friends, so if you don’t then just scout around your favourite Spaces and add them to your friends list. Might take a while for them to accept you, but you’ll need friends. If you already have friends, move on.

3) Click the  Edit button at the top of your friends list to open a new window with your friends on, enabling you to edit your friends and information about them.

Next to a friend’s icon, you should be able to click the  icon next to them. This will enable you to add more information about that contact as well as tags (key feature here!)

You’ll now be able to add information about your contact. Although you have the option to set where they appear in the friends list, you can get 100% accuracy of where they appear by modifying the tag information. See this screenshot here.

6) In the tags section, you can set where specific people come in the list. If you want a contact to appear first (because they’re your best friend or family member), type in Sort:1 with no spaces, exactly like that and then click Add. The new tag will appear to the right of where you’ve just typed it in. Click Done at the bottom when you’ve finished adding the tag.

Note: you can use the Sort command for anyone and everyone if you want. If you want someone to appear at the very last, then use a stupidly large number like Sort:3000 and they’ll appear right at the end. If you want someone to appear second in the list, use Sort:2 and so on. However, if you have two of the same tags, so you’ve set two people to appear first, they’ll both randomly appear first. It could be one or the other, and it’ll change when you refresh the Friends page.

7) You’ll notice that back at the Friends Explorer page (the popup window still), your contact will be first (see this screenshot here). Simply close the window using the red cross in the top right hand corner, then go back to your Friends in Spaces. Refresh the page, and you’ll notice that the contact will appear first in the list (see this screenshot here).

The tags don’t appear next to the contact, as they are automatically hidden by the system, but other information that you may have added about the contact will appear there if a user clicks on the contact card of the friend.

If anyone has any questions or wishes to add to this, let me know in a comment below and I’ll consider everything that comes in.

Source: Torres Talking

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