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Virtual Earth Mobile/Windows Live Local Mobile – pffft, same thing

August 1st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

OK at the moment it’s Virtual Earth Mobile, but as we all very much know it’s going to be Windows Live Local Mobile, and as Chris from Liveside reports (and look, yeh he is the Windows Live god, seeing as even he gets to find out more stuff before I do and I’m working with the guys…) there’s a whole wave of Live stuff coming for mobile devices. This will include a mobile optimised version of with Messenger and Spaces integration as well as other lovely magimical stuff 🙂

Anyway, the Windows Mobile lot have released over the last couple of days the latest Virtual Earth Mobile client which you can do loads of cool stuff, very much like what you can with Windows Live Local. You can set and make driving directions, you can view aerial and road maps, you can even locate yourself using GPS (if you have one attached, and it’s down to the metre on the map) or Wi-Fi (which isn’t accurate generally and will usually pick up your data center or ISP)… it’s great, it really is.

Here’s some screenies for you to enjoy 🙂 Click to expand.

Oh, and here’s the locating function as well – I don’t have or particularly want a GPS system so I’ll make do with showing you my data center below 😛

 View the blog entry regarding Virtual Earth Mobile here
 Download the CAB file directly (copy to your mobile device, open it, then run the app)
 Download .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (required for use, generally not installed by default)

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