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Imagine Cup 2006 Malaysia Finals

August 1st, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Prize Ceremony - 2nd Runner Up July 17th was the final leg of Imagine Cup 2006 in Malaysia. Many teams competed from round 1 onwards but only 8 means made it to the finals, and the finals was held in Microsoft Malaysia, KLCC Tower 2.

My friends and I represented Tunku Abdul Rahman College with the topic “Aroma .NET“, and we managed to get 2nd Runner Up!

Here’s my breakdown on the problem-“proposed solution”-“the future” that the current society needs:

Stress and other emotional/mental related problems have been in this world ever since humans are created and in today’s world, these emotional related problems are getting much more serious than yesterday.

People focus too much on western medicine, and everybody knows that western medicine has their side effects on human body.

Selecting the correct essential oils for aromatherapy session could be hard. People are not aware of what essential oils they are alergic or what essential oils to be used for a particular illness.

Proposed Solution:
Aromatherapy can actually help us in maintaining a healthy life and healing mental/emotional illness. (We did lots of research and this has been proven by Professors and Doctors worldwide). What we will do is to combine traditional therapy with current technology – Aroma.NET.

Using the formula,
Future = Traditional therapy + Current technology,

Our Prototype Aroma HardwareFuture = Aroma.NET (software to analyse and control the aromatherapy device) + aromatherapy device (smell emit device)

With Aroma.NET, we will introduce a new sense that can be controlled through electronic devices (we currently have visual and audio). Through Aroma.NET, we can use it to create a user profile, get the user to input medical answers about themselves, and the software will analyse and provide the user with the recommended essential oils to be used. We will also provide the serial SDK for device manufacturers to use when building their aroma device (smell emit-able device)

A new sense can be controlled using electronic systems. Society will have less emotional/mental illness.

For making this project a success, I would like to thank the following people:

Ms Kathleen Tan (Head of Computer Science Division, for supporting this project from the college’s end and getting the funding for this project)
Miss Poh Siaw Way (Faculty Mentor, for guiding us throughout the entire project, the one who was always there when we need)
Mr Ang Boon Khai (Lecturer from Microelectronics Division, for assisting us in the building of the aromatherapy device)

Thanks to the following team mates for getting me onboard this project:
Moy Hong Chiang (Project Leader)
Chew ShuWen
Steven Cheah Boon Kiat (UI Designer – Check out the pictures!)


Group photo with Rep from Campball Uni, TARC Head, Lecturers and team
Group photo. From left Mr. Ang, Steven C, Dortor M (from Campbell University, USA), Ms Lim, Miss Poh, Jabez, Mr Wong (behind), ShuWen, Moy and Kathleen Tan 

To know more about Imagine Cup, please visit:

To see more pictures from Imagine Cup, please see:

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3 Responses

  1. MVP KenLin Says:

    So you team won???

  2. Jabez Gan [MVP] Says:

    Haha only 2nd runner up.. Not champions… 🙁

  3. Patrick S Says:

    Wow i have never actually helf a oversize novelty cheque- it would be cool to own one!!
    Is it still in your room or something?