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Windows Vista 5472 out

July 17th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Got a new build guys and girls – go and check it out now! It’s only Ultimate Edition – it seems Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate are up…  but you can still use the same key that you used for Ultimate 5342 and upwards. It’s only available to Microsoft Connect users – so the MSDN Operating System and above guys and TechNet won’t get it either. Thanks Computer Guru – apparently it’s available to all the other guys, MSDN, TechNet, TAP etc., so… wherever you get it from, should be there 🙂

0xD425B6E3 – Windows Vista 5472 32-bit (x86) CRC Value – 2.6GB
0x18517949 – Windows Vista 5472 64-bit (x64) CRC Value – 3.5GB

Download now (Microsoft Connect users with access to the Vista beta pages only)Part source: DigitalFive

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Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta public

July 17th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Although it’s still codenamed “Mail Desktop Beta”, the Liveside guys managed to find out it’ll be Windows Live Mail Center eventually – either way, it’s primed for download on the public site. There will be a new beta release of it soon – to tie in with it going public, but beta people will obviously get more updated builds then the public guys.

If anyone knows, let me know 🙂 You’ll need to register your Windows Live ID/Passport account, and it’ll take between a day and a week to come through, but it means you’ll be able to get it as soon as it becomes more widely available.

Sign up

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VistaBase v3 rolls out

July 15th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Just wanted you to know that tonight at 8pm British Summertime, I uploaded and activated my new version
of my Windows Vista knowledge base. It’s designed to help users tweak, understand and customise Vista, as
well as for Windows Server “Longhorn”, Windows Internet Explorer 7, and other “Longhorn” technologies
such as .NET Framework 3.0 (previously codenamed WinFX).

I’ve received some great feedback from people – and also some critism which is why I pushed forward the new
release of the site, to make it easier for anyone regardless of browser, race, background, gender or operating
system to view it 🙂

There’s an RSS feed which I’ll be updating every so often – the entire site is now Firefox supported (and a huge
thanks to Dean, a fellow blogger here who helped me iron out some major Firefox issues at the end of it…
little did I know what trouble a single backslash could cause in my code!), and the site is generally much easier
to see… with no framesets or tables – pure HTML, CSS and a little bit of PHP where I felt adventurous!

If you want to support VistaBase – please send in your questions so I can answer them and put them
on there. The more support from users, the bigger and better the knowledge base can become! 🙂

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Microsoft Private Folder to be AXED

July 15th, 2006 by Patrick S

Last week i posted about the ‘new’ Microsoft Private Folder 1.0. Being the first on the block with this new news we were lucky enough to get a lot of comments from System Admins explaining how this new tool could cause serious nightmares (users hiding & locking admins out of files etc)

This will be a real support problem. Imagine someone maliciously places important files in the folder and deletes the originals. Someone pointed out that this isn\’t a new feature. But this version is poorly thought out since previously if one used EFS it has a key management system so that if someone forgets their password or leaves the company it is possible to retrieve files. Since this one has no documentation it isn\’t possible to determine what to do for such a case. I think smaller businesses have the most jeopardy since typically they aren\’t locked down tightly. And people who are instructed not to install software won\’t think twice \ (Quote from George [MSBLOG comment]) 

Well Microsoft have heard these pleads for help and are to pull this new tool from the Genuine Microsoft Download site. This product was a good tool for home users etc but could possibly become a real problem to unsecured networks…

Whatever the reason Microsoft pulled it our very own Andre N has his own view on the pull of this software…
“The file comes in a .msi file – it has to be installed. Don’t companies forbid people from installing software on their machines? If they don’t, they worry about people creating a password protected folder, when they can go ahead and install any software they want – including software which includes spyware/etc?”

You can still downlaod this application for the meantime…Find it here 🙂

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Correction of URL for Windows Workflow Foundation Resources page in

July 13th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

I am going to be guest speaker for Microsoft HK to the ISV about Windows Workflow Foundation. The first sign come to my mind that I should go to search the information is

But then I found out that the URL in the Resources Tab under Windows Workflow Foundation is incorrect and it only redirect you to the default page of the Windows Workflow Foundation in MSDN site After I look carefully at the redirect URL link, I would like to correct them here and I wish Windows Workflow Foundation team could update them.

1) Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation by David Chappel



2) Getting Started with Windows Workflow Foundation by Dino Esposito



From the above sample correction, you may found out 2 points and you could apply for other resource link,
1) changing from into

2) changing WWF into WF only. In the past Microsoft is naming Windows Workflow Foundation as WWF, but somehow reason, now Microsoft only called it as WF only.

Useful Links:    


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Windows Live Favorites – Beta No More!

July 13th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]


This is an old news, I just found it out when browsing around. In 15th, June 2006, the Live Favorites Team, are happy to announce that as of today Live Favorites is officially released as a V1 product… beta no more!

A little while ago we put into production our final V1 service and web site. 

Check it out: Windows Live Favourites Blog


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Microsoft Zune is introduced

July 13th, 2006 by Patrick S

If you have checked out latey you will see countless posts about the new “Microsoft iPod Killer”,  unfortunatly MSBLOG is no exception, however we/I hope to give you more info to enlighten you about this new and amazing upcoming product from Microsoft.

When looking at the Zune (Concept Image)…Its not ‘that’ different to the iPod…Same general layout of the early generation ones. It has what looks to be a click wheel and 2 buttons (play/pause and return buttons). Aside from the slightly taller and bigger screen it pretty close.


This is the known facts about the up and coming Zune music player from Microsoft.

  • ZUNE is Microsoft’s Media Player. They hope to take some market share away from Apple’s iPod.
  • ZUNE should be available in several colors.
  • ZUNE will have Wi-Fi capability. Exact uses of the Wi-Fi are not known at this time. (rumored to be able to share music between other Zune users via WiFi)
  • ZUNE will play video and audio.
  • ZUNE will interact with an online music store.
  • Zune will feature an expansion port, much like the iPod’s dock connection.

Either way its more competition…and more competition in theory should equal lower prices for US-the consumer of the product…I say let the war begin

If you are hungry for more info please watch this NBC video about this new concept (very interesting)
Or check out this site where i got a lot of information from




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Microsoft To Release New Windows Vista Build This Week

July 13th, 2006 by Patrick S

Microsoft this week plans another Vista beta 2 drop that is promised to hog fewer system resources.

At Microsoft’s Velocity 2006 worldwide partner conference in Boston Tuesday, a Microsoft executive said the updated beta will be available to Technet subscribers “in a few days.”

“Vista in its beta form is pretty taxing on the system. It’s slow and a little non-responsive,” said Mike Sievert, corporate vice president of Windows client marketing at Microsoft.

“That piece of software is now about nine weeks old and that may not sound like a lot but at this stage, that’s an old version in software terms.”

“You’ll see a huge difference [in performance],” Sievert said of the interim release, noting Microsoft is recommending 512 Megabytes of memory when testing the new code.

Source straight from our friends at

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Microsoft Office 2007 logo’s found!

July 12th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Really can’t remember where I found these – somewhere on the Internet and I saved them on my computer earlier on… and had friends round for dinner and totally lost track of things – so if anyone can point me to where they actually are on the web – I’d be happy to “source” the blog back to it.

In the meantime – check out these. Expect them to be in the final version of Office 2007 🙂



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Virtual PC is now free!

July 12th, 2006 by André Nogueira

It seems Virtual PC 2004 is now free!

As can be seen in the Virtual PC homepage:

Virtual PC Is Now Free!

Whether Microsoft virtualization technology is an important component of your existing infrastructure or you’re just a Virtual PC enthusiast, you can now download Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1 absolutely free. Microsoft is also offering the free download of Virtual PC 2007, with support for Windows Vista in 2007.

Seeing that Virtual Server was already free, this is not a very surprising move. It’s still a good thing, though!

From: Volkan’s Blog | Download Virtual PC 2004

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SMS V4 Beta refreshed

July 12th, 2006 by Patrick S
Microsoft have released a new Beta 1 of SCCM 2007 (SMSv4, build 5224) available. This release enables two new key features:
Network Access Protection – in conjunction with the Windows Server “Longhorn” Network Access Protection (NAP) feature, you can use Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 1 Refresh to restrict network access for computers that do not have security updates you identify as required.  They can then be required to install the necessary updates before being given full network access.

Windows Vista Deployment – Using the Operating System Deployment (OSD) feature, you can now deploy Windows Vista Beta 2 (build 5384.4) to computers managed by Configuration Manager.  Please note that versions of Vista other than the official Beta 2 release (build 5384), both older and newer, are currently not supported and will not work properly with OS Deployment in Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 1 Refresh.

Source straight from  Omar’s Blog

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Todays the day…Farewell Windows 98!

July 12th, 2006 by Patrick S

Well it’s today…today’s the day i have been dreading. Microsoft has pulled the proverbial plug on Windows 98…

From 11 July, Microsoft will no longer help users over the phone with any problems they have with the ageing operating system.
The firm will also stop providing security updates for Windows 98 from the same date.
Support for the software was originally due to end in 2003, but was extended following customer protests.

Products affected by closing down the support system include Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me (Millennium Edition). Analyst firm IDC believes that more than 70 million users will be hit by the change.

The change means that those still using Windows 98 and Me after 11 July could become more vulnerable to many security risks, as bug fixes for loopholes exploited by hackers will no longer become available. 

Farewell to the illegal operations (bless them), The Numerous Blue Screens of Death, bad installs, data corruption, low uptime, poor security and finally the Hassle to maintain this Great OS.

Farewell my beloved Windows 98, is it time to Upgrade to Windows ME…Nah ROLL ON VISTA!!!

Patrick S

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Vista: Glass in C#

July 11th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

Found some good article from chatting with Some other MS MVPs in developer. I found this very good artcle which I would like to be share with you if you wanna try.


We looked at glass in Vista previously so please read that to make sure we are on the same page and using the same terminology… I’ll wait…

Great, now that you are back, let’s see how to get glass in our C# applications. For starters, if glass is supported and enabled on the user’s PC, then your non-client area will by default get the glass effect. In other words, the titlebar and borders will have glass (nothing more for you to do). The question is how to extend that into the client area like other OS applications do (as we saw last time).

There are 3+1 things we need to do:
1. Check that it is supported before proceeding further.
2. Extend the frame into the client area.
3. Paint the extended area black.

4. Allow the user to drag our window by pressing in the glass area as if they were pressing on the window’s caption bar.

(you may view the full story in


Download a complete sample here.

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Anti-Windows Live

July 11th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

I really need some help. I need to find some news sources on the Internet – these can be blog entries, they can be news reports, they can be press releases, anything that’s got a web address – that either tell users why Windows Live isn’t a good thing (or anything negative), why another instant messaging program is better than Windows Live Messenger, why another blogging program is better than MSN Spaces – anything like that.

I’m trying to pull some research together you see, and I’m finding it difficult to find news sources on the web. A great example actually would be this:, so if you happen to come across anything similar to this on the web or know of any links you might have bookmarked – please leave them in a comment – I’d really appreciate it, and the information that I get from this will end up making a difference to the Windows Live services at a later date 🙂

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MSN Spaces integrates Friends module

July 10th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Though this feature was meant to highlight as one of the main features in the upcoming Windows Live Spaces, due to be released next week, MSN Spaces has rolled out the “Friends Beta” add-in.

It basically enables you to do what some other blog providers such as MySpace do – and show who you’re friends with on the MSN Spaces network – as part of a “link exchange” sorta thing. As it’s only in beta, it won’t be properly functioning but so far it’s pretty good. You add a friend from an address or part of your contact list, send them an invite and then it automatically appears on yours with their name and picuture, and theres with your name and picture.

You can add descriptions, tags, and generally customise it. It’ll be better in Windows Live Spaces because it’ll be an integrated feature and not as an add-in as such like it is in MSN Spaces… but watch this space for Windows Live Spaces – the world’s biggest blog and space provider is about to get bigger and better!

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