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Windows Live Gallery joins the rest in the beta family

July 24th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

A new product joining the Windows Live shabang, is Windows Live Gallery. It’s a strange one to try and explain, even though I’ve been in the loop about it for a while now… but it’s certainly changed since I saw a prototype-type-thing.

As Windows Live and Windows Vista (hense the logo’s) are being tied together in this electronic family style scene, this new Gallery which has jumped straight into public beta lets you download and upload content designed for Windows Live services, such as plugins, tools, content and media. You can also use it to download content specifically for your Windows Vista machine such as small applications designed for other parts of your Vista experience.

There will be some changes to other websites which provide such content already, although I’m not allowed to go into detail… but think “Gadgets” for Vista, and now they’re available on Windows Live Gallery… 😉

Customise Windows Live specifically with content and plugins for Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Search Toolbar, Windows Live Desktop Search, and over the coming weeks, more and more related Live services will jump in the loop.

It’s gonna be packed with Live related stuff – if you thought Windows Live was all about downloading an application and using it as it is… woah you better think again 😉

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    […] Windows Live Gallery is the latest installment in Windows Live and has now launched as a public beta. Windows Live Gallery lets you upload content designed for Windows Live services such as media, gadgets, plug-ins and more. Windows live Gallery also seamlessly integrates with Windows Vista, and allows you to easily download content to your machine. You can also expect various other applications and gadgets to be launched in the coming weeks. Via Web 2.0 , Windows Live , Windows Live Gallery ShareThese icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]