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Microsoft Private Folder to be AXED

July 15th, 2006 by Patrick S

Last week i posted about the ‘new’ Microsoft Private Folder 1.0. Being the first on the block with this new news we were lucky enough to get a lot of comments from System Admins explaining how this new tool could cause serious nightmares (users hiding & locking admins out of files etc)

This will be a real support problem. Imagine someone maliciously places important files in the folder and deletes the originals. Someone pointed out that this isn\’t a new feature. But this version is poorly thought out since previously if one used EFS it has a key management system so that if someone forgets their password or leaves the company it is possible to retrieve files. Since this one has no documentation it isn\’t possible to determine what to do for such a case. I think smaller businesses have the most jeopardy since typically they aren\’t locked down tightly. And people who are instructed not to install software won\’t think twice \ (Quote from George [MSBLOG comment]) 

Well Microsoft have heard these pleads for help and are to pull this new tool from the Genuine Microsoft Download site. This product was a good tool for home users etc but could possibly become a real problem to unsecured networks…

Whatever the reason Microsoft pulled it our very own Andre N has his own view on the pull of this software…
“The file comes in a .msi file – it has to be installed. Don’t companies forbid people from installing software on their machines? If they don’t, they worry about people creating a password protected folder, when they can go ahead and install any software they want – including software which includes spyware/etc?”

You can still downlaod this application for the meantime…Find it here 🙂

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7 Responses

  1. Joe Says:

    Sysadmins who complain about this tool, that installing it would create a bunch of problems in the enterprise, etc., are incompetent.
    A good sysadmin has the machines of most users locked down, so that nothing can be installed.
    Andre N. has it right. If a sysadmin allows installation of arbitrary software, this tool is the least of his worries.

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  3. snorkel Says:

    Any SysAdmins complaining about this tool are obviously underqualified to be in charge of anything more complicate than the making of a hamburger. If you are unable to keep your end users from installing an application on a workstation in your enterprise, then Microsoft’s lil’ encryption tool is the absolute least of your worries. Perhaps you goobs should go become Geek Squad Agents and let the adults do the real work.

  4. Les Says:

    I work at a place that has 1000 machines and none of them are locked down, we’re just now doing it at my prompting when I joined the company. Some places grew too fast or didn’t have the management in place to handle the move from Win9x to 2000 with grace and didn’t/couldn’t go through the time/effort of testing applications for the upgrade. As punishment for my request I get to be the project lead.

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  7. shahfaisal Says:

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