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Microsoft Zune is introduced

July 13th, 2006 by Patrick S

If you have checked out latey you will see countless posts about the new “Microsoft iPod Killer”,  unfortunatly MSBLOG is no exception, however we/I hope to give you more info to enlighten you about this new and amazing upcoming product from Microsoft.

When looking at the Zune (Concept Image)…Its not ‘that’ different to the iPod…Same general layout of the early generation ones. It has what looks to be a click wheel and 2 buttons (play/pause and return buttons). Aside from the slightly taller and bigger screen it pretty close.


This is the known facts about the up and coming Zune music player from Microsoft.

  • ZUNE is Microsoft’s Media Player. They hope to take some market share away from Apple’s iPod.
  • ZUNE should be available in several colors.
  • ZUNE will have Wi-Fi capability. Exact uses of the Wi-Fi are not known at this time. (rumored to be able to share music between other Zune users via WiFi)
  • ZUNE will play video and audio.
  • ZUNE will interact with an online music store.
  • Zune will feature an expansion port, much like the iPod’s dock connection.

Either way its more competition…and more competition in theory should equal lower prices for US-the consumer of the product…I say let the war begin

If you are hungry for more info please watch this NBC video about this new concept (very interesting)
Or check out this site where i got a lot of information from




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10 Responses

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    […] Patrick has list of features of Zune – Interesting it supports Wi-Fi Wireless technology, and you can share music wirelessly with other Zune players. Wow – now that is neat! IPOD – you have a good feature there. It also supports Video as per prelimnary reports. […]

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  3. Hanz Says:

    This is some funny stuff on the zune

  4. Kyle Says:

    If it wants to take on the ipod it better have a longer battery life for video play back because 3 hours is rediclious.

  5. Zune Says:

    I agree the Zune willneed to do much mor ethan iPod to beat them but what other company in the world has the capital and technology to compete?

    You can find more at the Zune Forums

  6. Jim Says:

    From the Zune vs. iPod comparison listed at , we believe Zune will have great sales. Nice pmp.

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    Just view Zune features , I think Zune will be better than iPod at Wi-Fi, FM radio, and preloaded content. Maybe the downloading service is better than iTunes.

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