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MSN Spaces integrates Friends module

July 10th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Though this feature was meant to highlight as one of the main features in the upcoming Windows Live Spaces, due to be released next week, MSN Spaces has rolled out the “Friends Beta” add-in.

It basically enables you to do what some other blog providers such as MySpace do – and show who you’re friends with on the MSN Spaces network – as part of a “link exchange” sorta thing. As it’s only in beta, it won’t be properly functioning but so far it’s pretty good. You add a friend from an address or part of your contact list, send them an invite and then it automatically appears on yours with their name and picuture, and theres with your name and picture.

You can add descriptions, tags, and generally customise it. It’ll be better in Windows Live Spaces because it’ll be an integrated feature and not as an add-in as such like it is in MSN Spaces… but watch this space for Windows Live Spaces – the world’s biggest blog and space provider is about to get bigger and better!

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