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still living in 98?

July 6th, 2006 by Patrick S

“The second Tuesday of this month brings something else in addition to Microsoft Security Updates. July 11th will also mark the end of Windows 98/ME technical support. It’s now the end of their lifecycle. At least at Microsoft.

According to IDC figures, there are an estimated 70 million 98/ME machines still in operation worldwide. Searching for news stories on the topic yields a good number of results from India. Older hardware and the costs of upgrading can be a very limiting factor for some.

So what to do if you’re still running an older OS? Make sure that you have a good antivirus product and a firewall. Check out Microsoft’s Security At Home 98 & ME for more information.”

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  1. Patrick Elliott [MS] Says:

    It also doesn’t hurt to check out the latest and greatest we have in the works (shameless advertising plug 🙂 — — be sure to check hardware requirements though, especially for systems currently running Win98/ME