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Search Plugins for IE-Part 2

July 6th, 2006 by Patrick S

Upon entry to MSBLOG today you may have noticed (or may not) the search bar at the top right of the page in IE7 (if installed). Note the change in color of the arrow on the side of the magnifying glass to yellow.
The gleam of the arrow means that you can add MSBLOG to your search providers-This feature is not that new, but not many people really know about it-let alone how to implement it on their site.
Microsoft has documented this on their MSDN website…but i thought i would go one step further and write a more simplified tutorial…
(on a side note Dennis wrote about a similar feature a couple of months ago using the registry on the local computer to add search providers.)

This search feature is comprised of two main parts:

  1. A link within the header of your site(s) defining the type of script and a direct path to your XML script
  2. And the XML script itself-This mainly describes the search string and where to link to when the user hits search.

 Lets Get Started…

First things first lets write that XML script-I will show a less detailed script but the user can go into detail using things like multiple Parameters etc.
Ok, My demo script looks like this…







It pretty self explanatory but ill try describe it as best i can… Here I have added a description of the search, a name for the search and a contact email if it was queried. The template is MSBLOG’s search URL, the search term is added in the correct place (for this is where the keywords are inserted)

I then insert a couple of lines of code in the header of your template, linking to your XML template in which ever directory you have uploaded it to your server (here it is in the root directory)
html insert template

Now take a look at your home page…it should the little magnifying glass arrow to the right should be glowing yellow. If you drop that menu down there will be a gold star (sort of like the messenger “gleam” icon next to your page name (what you wrote in the short name field in your XML script).

And we’re done…Who ever visits your site now will see this cool feature that is simple to add and works a charm…Be the first to have it 🙂


finished look


Any Question’s or comments are welcomed :D-Feel free to add MSBLOG to your search providers also 😉
Made with help from Documentation located from the following Pages…HTML and DHTML Overviews/Tutorials (MSDN) & A9’s OpenSearch 1.1: Description.

Patrick S

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3 Responses

  1. Brodie J Says:

    That actually pretty snazzy really, looks fairly simple too. Nice tute Pat!

  2. Knox Says:

    If someone wants to build a search themselves without having to create a XML file as you describe, they can do so at which allows you to look for searches for IE7 and add your own. Good tutorial for web site owners.

  3. Deansweb2004|NT Says:

    Jesus, everything nowadays is turning into XML… which is a good thing i guss…