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Windows Live Core Services – Your opinion really does matter!

July 2nd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

The core services that most people use at the moment stand at:

  • Windows Live Messenger (released)
  • Windows Live Spaces (still under the MSN brand, but debuting next week)
  • Windows Live Mail (beta)
  • (beta)

All of these products have and will have competing products, as you can see below:

  • Windows Live Messenger
    1) Yahoo! Messenger
    2) Google Talk
    3) AOL Instant Messenger
  • Windows Live Spaces
    1) Blogger
    2) WordPress
    3) MySpace
  • Windows Live Mail
    1) Yahoo! Mail
    2) Gmail
    3) Lycos Mail
    1) Google Personalised Homepage
    2) If you can think of any more to go here – leave a comment and let me know!

Whichever instant messaging client, which ever blog community, web-based email service, and personlised homepage you might use – could you please leave a comment on which one you use and why you wouldn’t or haven’t picked a Windows Live product to use instead?

It doesn’t matter what you use – whether you use all non-Windows Live applications/services or whether you use a few, but please leave your feedback as a comment below on the pros and cons of the service you use, and why you use that service over another client or product. All information will be forwarded onto the Windows Live teams, but generally this is to see how popular the Windows Live services are to MSBLOG readers. Thanks very much! 🙂

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28 Responses

  1. Barty Says:

    Definitly Gmail for email, Windows Live Messenger for IM, also that might have support for yahoo users, Myspace for blog thing, but i will definitly try windows live spaces and i dont use a personalised hompage

  2. Mike Galos Says:

    IM – Windows Live Messenger
    Blog – Windows Live (MSN) Spaces
    Mail – MSN (POP3 enabled) – GMail (because it is POP3 enabled)
    Home Page – MyMSN – because has been too slow

  3. Clas Pettersson Says:

    Mail – currently Gmail, haven’t got a live mail account but will try it as soon as I can get hold of one.
    IM – Windows Live Messenger
    Blog – Blogger, have used it to long to change, will try live spaces some time.

  4. Steve Says:

    IM – Trillian – just better as you can use ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc
    Blogging – WordPress – just more customization, can you run spaces on your own domain?
    Mail – im using the windows live mail beta, my only gripe is i wish i could get a better email address
    Search – Google, still beats everything hands down.

  5. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Steve… between me and you 😉 most Microsoft guys internally use Google as well 😛

  6. Patrick S Says:

    IM – Windows Live Messenger
    Blog – Windows Live (MSN) Spaces (well i once did-its here now)
    Mail – GMail
    Home Page – live

  7. Matt Says:

    IM – I actually use all three regularly(WLM, Yahoo, AIM)
    Blog – WordPress, because you have better control
    Mail – Definitely Gmail
    Home Page – I used to use But none now.

  8. stuart Says:

    I’m a little bit over this whole ‘Live’ thing – reminds of how Microsoft slapped the ‘.Net’ badge over everything when that was first released. It doesn’t surprise me that Messenger, Spaces, and Mail are the top three products because they are all integrated into each other. I first had a Hotmail account so it made sense to use MSN Messenger. Then the new MSN Messenger came out with MSN Spaces support and so I set up a Spaces account. I don’t really think you can call these the most popular ‘Live’ services, because they are just rebranded MSN services.

    But I don’t use Spaces or Mail any more as I use WordPress and Gmail instead. I still use Messenger because I have lots of contacts that I regularly chat with, and I can’t expect them to change to another provider.

    For my home page – there is nothing better than Netvibes at the moment!

  9. snsn Says:

    as a Microsoft FANS ,I use them all

  10. Patrick S Says:

    Wow hey Stuart…Fellow Kiwi!!

  11. stuart Says:

    @Patrick – yes, in Wellington at the moment!

  12. Brodie J Says:

    IM: WLM
    Mail: Gmail
    Home Page: Google

  13. anonymous Says:

    Messenger => MSN 7.5 (and never WLM because it’s too slow, calling doesn’t work-probably because of the new system Live Call or whatever) and Yahoo! for it’s audibles and emoticons.
    email => Hotmail (best features, neat and excellent spam filtering), will never use Windows Live Mail if Hotmail is discontinued. Will then use Gmail.
    Windows Live Spaces (best features, but look out, competitors have some really gr8 innovative features)
    Google’s personalised homepage (bcoz it offers Google Search) and is way too slow. Besides, Live Search is the worst Live product ever created.
    Actually, I cant decide Live Mail is bad or Live Search.

  14. KTamas Says:

    IM: WLM + Skype + Trillian for AIM/ICQ/Yahoo – I have friends from all 5 networks.
    Blog: WordPress
    Mail: Outlook, no web based, maybe sometimes…
    Homepage: good ol’ about:blank

  15. Kikker46 Says:

    Windows Live Messenger (Many contacts)
    Google Talk (Private contacts)

    I don’t blog very much.
    Windows Live Spaces

    Gmail Very handy & fast (most)
    Windows Live Mail (regular, less useability)
    Yahoo Mail (sometimes)
    Lycos Mail (sometimes)

    Don’t use Personalised Homepage
    (I hate to login every time, and don’t want to be all the time loged in because of private issues and my primary thing with search engines is search, everything else I don’t care)
    use Live Search over Google :p, but sometimes I think hmm, maybe on google :p. Very awfull scrolling thing with live search.

  16. Patrick S Says:

    @Stuart…New Plymouth here- Dont usually see many kiwis around here 😉

  17. Wilfred Says:

    IM – WLM
    Blog – Blogger, for it’s simplicity.
    Mail – using Live Mail beta, hope it will speed up and offer check boxes.
    homepage – search engine only, google, for simplicity and fast loading.

  18. Jason Cox Says:

    IM: WLM, AIM and ICQ
    Blog: I wrote my own, I tried Spaces but I wanted something more customizable so I fired up VS.
    Mail: I own my own domain but have a Hotmail account for spam
    Homepage: I used my own website or
    Search:, it may be a bit slower then Google, but the AJAX makes it worth it

  19. Jesper Says:

    IM: WLM. I used AIM/ICQ for a while, but I prefer WLM
    Mail: Live Mail all the way. I deleted my GMail because it got spammed with around 100 messages a day. I delted my Yahoo account because I didn’t need it – much, much better than GMail though
    Homepage/Search: Live – Nice ajax stuff
    Blog: Live Spaces, tried blogger, but I think Spaces is better in terms of functionality and features. Nice itegration with Messenger

  20. Vitalie Ciobanu Says:

    messenger) Moved to Windows Live Messenger from Yahoo. I was sick of that “mass-message” thing!
    spaces) Windows Live Spaces – didn’t try anything alse
    mail) My work account as primary, Windows Live Mail as secondary
    and definitely although it hangs a little until all content downloads 🙁

  21. torsten Says:

    – jabber and google talk (aim, ym & wlm as transport)
    – wordpress (test live spaces next week)
    – owen imap space (try live mail, gmail,, etc.)
    – and Netvibes
    – google &

  22. Andrew Says:

    messenger>> Windows Live Mail (Great Features, Fast, No ad-ins) and AIM (Only becasue a lot of friends use it, i hate it for the add-ins ex- Aim Browser)
    mail>> Windows Live Mail, can’t wait for an address
    blog>> Windows Live Spaces
    home>> Windows Live

  23. David Douglass Says:

    For mail, I mostly use Outlook. When I want web access, I use my ISP’s (Verizon) site. Verizon’s site is a bit of a sad joke, but can be used for a quick check. When my kid wanted e-mail, I signed her up for GMail because of the authentication (sending the code to the cell phone); seemed safer.

    I don’t have a “space” (I’m a little old for that sort of thing). My kid uses MySpace, which is considered cool and is where all her friends are. I do blog at, which is Community Server based.

    I think IM is dumb and hardly ever use it. My kid thinks it’s great and use AOL, again, because all her friends are there.

    As for a home page, I use Yahoo!, mostly out of habit (I set it up years ago).

  24. Ryan Says:

    IM: WLM, Yahoo Messenger
    Mail: Yahoo, Gmail
    I use gmail i like it WAY better than windows live mail for two reasons:
    1. WAY more storage and larger attachment support
    2. POP3 access

  25. G.T. Says:

    Windows Live Messenger
    7.5 had a nice interface, 8.0 is ugly, Google Talk works on just any network, even the one at work, MSN8 not much, well, the text is ok, but the voice is not working; but google talk works, yahoo too.

    The voice quality in msn is good, but does not work behind firewalls.
    Too many client side scripts, works slower than, can hold very large amount of information in one place, all formatted the same, and makes it unattractive to read.

    IE can crash if you close it while opening

    I know that Microsoft is trying to make money from the “Live Services”, but I just can’t see how this will happen after all; even the new live search is slower (when rendering on IE).

    In a world with only Microsoft, it is ok if the product is slow, but in our world, performance maters, and thanks god there are other companies can that deliver it.

  26. Federico M. Rinaldi Says:

    IM – Live Messenger + Messenger Plus! Live (the best im ever) and gtalk becouse it’s really simple, fast and the calls have great quality, it also has all my gmail contacts. I also use skype becouse it was the first one to implement a great VoIP service and i have a lot of contacts there.
    Blog – I just use Fotolog as i don’t need something more advanced
    Mail – Definitely Gmail it simple, powerful, quicker than everyone, i also use Yahoo couse it was the best one until gmail.
    Home Page – becouse they donate food if you click on a banner, is in my home page so i can remember to click every day…

  27. George Says:

    Unfortunately, all these products aren’t nearly as popular as some of their competitors (such as myspace). That said:
    IM: AIM the most, but Live messenger and plus are really nice. Who uses google talk?
    Blog: LiveJournal, actually, but Myspace is up there and I almost never touch my MSN Space.
    Mail: I use Live Mail a lot, but wish for the days when it was outlook compatible. Which is why Gmail is nice. But I use live mail the most because I’ve had hotmail since forever, and I send all my spam that way (really nice spam filters).
    Homepage: I don’t use that stuff, the best I have is the default Google/Firefox page or About:blank for IE. Personally, I think homepages are a waste of time, but if I were to use one, I’d probably do Live Mail since it is linked with hotmail.

  28. G3n3rat0r Says:

    IM -> Google talk. Liked Live!Messenger very much, but it have problems with ZoneAlarm Security Suite.
    Blog -> Not using
    Mail -> Gmail. Ultimately the best service. What should I do with 25MB from MSN?
    Web -> Don’t have enough time to have one.