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I want more Windows Sidebar Gadgets!!!

June 22nd, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

There are few Windows Sidebar Gadget comes with Windows Vista. However, have you try to find more gadgets? You may reach , and browse to the Gallery tab and find the gadgets which fits your want. However, they are gadgets if you look carefully.

I found a new site, there are really many gadgets for Windows Sidebar. You may be try to browse there and download any one of them. There are 10 gadgets now, but it may be more when day is passing. If you are sidebar gadget developer, you may also submit your gadget and Microsoft may publish it on that webpage too.


Lights Out! “Today Is” Calendar Sudoku Assistant Seattle Traffic (Beta) Jamometer!
Echo (Beta) Poker (Beta) Memory Sudoku (Beta) Scribble (Beta)


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Remote Desktop Gadget

June 22nd, 2006 by Patrick S

I’m sorry if this is not really techy but I wanted to post about it anyway :).
Testers are for ever remoting into other computers to try “repo” bugs etc and often its hard enough to get the bugs let alone navigating to the remote desktop icon or typing “mstsc /v:(address) in run.

Introducing the new Remote Desktop Gadget for Vista by Frameworkx allowing you to quickly and easily connect to a remote machine in full screen or console mode. This is out-standing 😀




Get it from HERE (x64 & 86) 😀


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More recent Windows Live Messenger build – from 787 to 792

June 21st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

There’s been another update to Windows Live Messenger, from the original final build of 8.0.0787 to 8.0.0792 which has a few updated problems in there – just some minor bits and bobs which were missed out of the previous finally released product.

Thanks to AJ for pinging me whilst I was just getting cushy with my girlfriend… another night where she’s gonna have to wait a little bit longer 😛

Download the new build here: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792

UPDATE: OK they screwed us – they’ve taken down the link and nobody’s all that happy. However, because I installed it on all my machines before it was taken down, I managed to salvage the .msi installer package which actually installs Messenger! So, here we go:

Server 1 (please use this one first): Download Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792
Server 2 (use only if server 1 fails): Download Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792

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Messenger Service – issues signing in

June 21st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Well, to be expected really. Try and put this into context… there have been special Windows Live Messenger servers running for the last few months to enable the new users to use some of the new features. The old MSN Messenger servers were tied into them so that the WLM and the MSN clients can still talk and communicate with each other. Now that Windows Live Messenger has been released, they all need upgrading to at least accommodate the new client.

As expected (well, duhhh) there are/were/will be teething problems. Those who can sign in, don’t sign out. Those who can’t send messages to a particular person, close the window then open again and for some reason this seems to help. If you can’t sign in, use the MSN Web Messenger which should still work.

Other things might arise – such as not being able to use certain features, and some contacts (except Mobile contacts) may not appear online, and those who are currently still talking to you may appear to be offline. Although there isn’t a time set on when this will be fixed, it should be sorted within the next few hours of this post, so by about 11pm British Summertime, and yeh, it’s a worldwide issue 🙁

To demonstrate this easier, I’ve mocked up the following concept design:

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Bug in IE6, but fixed in IE7, And please use GIF over PNG in your Gadgets

June 20th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]


Update news from Team, they found a new bug in IE6 when IE doing the Image Filtering.
Details here,


We have recently released a workaround for a bug in IE6 where image filters for PNG can cause a hang on the site. This IE bug is already fixed in IE7, but we still needed to workaround it to make sure the site works properly for IE6.

To understand the problem, here is an explanation from the IE team (thanks Peter Gurevich!):

  • Each IE 6 window is a UI thread. 
  • The HTML page and any script you written for the page run in the UI thread.  Therefore filters in your page or in script will download on the UI thread
  • IE’s implementation of the AlphaImageLoader filter downloads images synchronously 
  • Synchronous loading of an image or successive images on the UI thread has the potential to hang the browser and adversely affect the user experience.

Our workaround is to stop applying transparent image filters to PNG. As a result, your transparent PNG will not look as great as it used to. I would encourage you to change to using transparent GIF moving forward.Sorry for the inconvenience – the SDK will be updated with this new info in our next release.

James Lau
Program Manager Team

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Project code-name Glidepath Technical Preview

June 20th, 2006 by Patrick S

The release of Windows Vista will create a new wave of demand for applications that MicroISVs supply. Microsoft know how many new features and APIs we have added to Windows Vista as well as we understand how challenging it is to start and keep a MicroISV business running. Project Glidepath is designed to provide the knowledge you, as a MicroISV, need to be successful by providing step-by-step instructions for everything from how to get started with Windows Presentation Foundationto how to write and publish a press release.

Project Glidepath is a MicroISV Evangelism program that delivers the workflow-based guidance, sample code, content and technology you need to create successful applications for Windows Vista.

A video podcast is available on Channel9 where Technical Evangelist Michael Lehman explains the purpose and some of the internal workings of Project Glidepath.

What is Project Glidepath:

The Project Glidepath Software Factory

  • A freely available VS2005 Software Factory add-in that provides specific content, technology and templates for buliding applications for Windows Vista and .Net Framework 3.0.
  • Workflow-based guidance regarding all aspects of being in the software business. This includes everything you need regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of starting and succeeding as a MicroISV.
  • Delivered as Project Glidepath “packages”, all the content is dynamically delivered via RSS feeds so your factory can always stay up-to-date.

The ProjectGlidepath.Net Community

  • Project Glidepath “packages” that can be downloaded via RSS into your Software Factory.
  • The Project Glidepath blog – insight into the workings of ProjectGlidepath and information about how to develop your own Project Glidepath packages.
  • The Project Glidepath Gallery – featured content from Project Glidepath packages which can be used with or without Visual Studio to help you build the hit application for Windows Vista.

For more info check out the project that IS codenamed Glidepath HERE. or visit the BLOG 😀

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Commerce Server 2007 has shipped!

June 20th, 2006 by Patrick S

Today, after years and years of work Microsoft have shipped Commerce server.

This was a public/open beta available to everyone on connect (i think i mentioned it before on MSBLOG)
Allan Faulkne had this to say oh his blog:-“This is truly an extraordinary release, given the size of our team and the amount of design/work involved.” 

If you have not tried it out I urge you to download the trial from HERE.
Congrats to everyone that helped out on the beta etc…it certainly is a major milestone

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Windows Live Messenger – well and truly live!

June 19th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Today, was launched, the new site which is the new site which anyone can download a released beta version of a Windows Live product, or a full released-to-manufacturing product such as Windows Live Messenger, which has been released this evening.

Get Live ( is different from Live Ideas ( because Get Live is a purely download orientated website, whilst Live Ideas is an ”everything” site, showing what is coming, what is new and gives links to their team blogs, forums or other information sources.

Check out for further reading:

Note: the Get Live site is still being slowly integrated out and won’t be available fully until June 20th, midday (Pacific Standard Time) – until then, you can use the links below.

As Dennis says: Minutes ago, Microsoft has launched the Windows Live Messenger! Live Messenger is one of over 20 new Live services. Live Messenger is providing PC-to-PC, PC-to-Worldwide calls and of course videocalling. Check out all the latest details about it at the download location.

 Get Live! (beta)
 Download Windows Live Messenger (build 8.0.0787) (updated link)
Windows Live Messenger (Get Live)
 Windows Live Spaces (pre-Live beta)
 Windows Live OneCare (final released product)
 Windows Live Mail (beta) 

Well, to wet your appetite even more, we’ve got some screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger, as the final product. Mainly, some slight user interface tweaks, such as the top right hand corner of each window has a more advanced “refraction” look. Check them out below – just click on an image to open it in it’s own window.  

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Windows Live – moving in the right direction

June 19th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Due to migration to a new server, this post was lost 😮 but thanks to the supreme god that is Jabez, managed to recover it for me 🙂 Sorry it’s late, but here’s the entry:

Just wanted to give you all a bit of a recap on what’s going on in the world of Windows Live. Things are steadily hotting up bit by bit – each program is moving forwards and onwards and steadily we are and will be seeing some finished and generally bloody good programs and web applications. Let’s kick start with…
Earlier on in the week, we saw the latest rollout of with the final polished off user interface design. Other people reported this on the web such as (good friends of ours here – lovely lot indeed :)), still there have been mainly user interface improvements as well as AJAX performance tweaks. There are much less bugs, it runs better generally, the interface is more streamlined with the other products (Messenger, Mail Desktop etc.) and of course it’s working with Windows Live ID now.

Windows Live Accounts/ID
Now seeing as the .NET Passport is soon to be gone, the Windows Live ID is already in play – whichever site you login to, whether it be a Microsoft, MSN or Windows Live site now, you are using a Live ID and not a Passport. They’ll still be supported, and .NET Passports are pretty much instantly turned into a Live ID so there’s no worry about needing a new account, however coming the 20th June 2006, arrives two new alias’ of which will either a) only be given to new Windows Live ID accounts or b) added to existing accounts of or, and given the option to switch. Nevertheless, the new email alias’ available will be and The alias will be localised so that you can have for the UK, for China, for New Zealand (Patrick S. yaayy!) etc.

Windows Live Mail
There were certainly some troubles with Milestone 7 because of Firefox issues (pffft) but since then, they’ve rolled back to Milestone 6, then back to Milestone 7 because they fixed that as well, and currently we’re standing at Milestone 7.5 (or thereabouts). They’re getting closer and closer to the final product, and so far a good few million people are using Windows Live Mail – around 10 million to date worldwide. However, the user interface is still expected to change because it doesn’t seem to be confluent with the rest of the Windows Live services. Still, functionality is good and it runs a lot faster now that the dead code has been removed and the general web application has been optimised 🙂

Windows Live Mobile
It’s got to be said though – they’ve done hardly no work on the mobile side of things. on a mobile device looks nice, but is absolutely useless as the only thing it displays is the search function, and that’s useless because it doesn’t even bloody work. The main site that you can check out is which (on a normal computer goes to the Live Ideas site) but on a mobile device goes to the MSN sub-site with links to some web-based stuff like Spaces and Mail).

It’s got to be said though – they’ve done hardly work on the mobile side of things. on a mobile device looks nice, but is absolutely useless as the only thing it displays is the search function, and that’s useless because it doesn’t even bloody work. The main site that you can check out is which (on a normal computer goes to the Live Ideas site) but on a mobile device goes to the MSN sub-site with links to some web-based stuff like Spaces and Mail).

Windows Live Favourites As Harrison over at reported this the other day, Windows Live Favourites has been bumped to version 1 and officially out of beta. Best off just reading his post to be honest, explains it a lot better than I probably could – but it’s surely a good product to use, wherever you are in the world – you’ll always be able to get access to your favourites 🙂

Update: It took me a while to get it going, but I asked and asked, and those living in England who are used to spelling “favourites” instead of the American spelling “favorites”, well whichever branch of English you speak now, both works as well as 🙂

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Hello Everyone!

June 19th, 2006 by laidaniel


Hello! I’m Daniel Lai, Microsoft MVP-Management Infrasturcture @ Hong Kong. 

I’m a Consultant for Microsoft Management Solution (MOM, SMS, DPM, CP, RM, etc..) and Business Desktop Deployment. I’m also a Council Member and Speaker of Culminis Greater China Regions and a Mentor of Microsoft IT Academy Program.

I joined more than 20 topics of Microsoft Taiwan and Hong Kong Online Technical Chat sessions with other Microsoft MVPs before. I’m also a speaker of Microsoft Technologies and Licensing Seminars/Webcasts/TechED sessions and summit currently.

In fact, I’m Xbox Ambassador too. And my gamertag is Daniel Lai.

I’m writing a BDD 3.0 for Windows Vista Training Guide currently.

I will post it on Microsoft Hong Kong Community Site, My Technical Blog, and MSBlog soon. =P 

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Clarify on .NET 3.0(formerly WinFX) with Timeframe and Language Version

June 18th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

I am one of VB Insiders and I got some clarify news from VB Product Group, I also feel confuse when WinFX is confirm to be .NET Framework 3.0. Many VB Insiders are also having the same feeling, finally VB Product Group tell us something and this is not able to be search from public area. After reading it, I feel better. After confirm, I know that I could be able to blog about this and I cannot wait to be share with you all. Here is the content,



This is indeed a confusing topic., and there really isn’t much out there to clarify. Here’s a tabular view of what’s is coming down the pipe, and when. Highlighted items ship together.

Product/Deliverable Timeframe Language Ver. CLR Ver.
.NET FX 2.0 Nov 2005 VB 8.0/C# 2.0 2.0
VS 2005 Nov 2005 VB 8.0/C# 2.0 2.0
FX 3.0 (Formerly WinFX; Includes Avalon, Indigo, Workflow) Windows Vista RTM (2006) VB 8.0/C# 2.0 2.0
Visual Studio “Orcas” 2007 VB 9.0/C# 3.0 2.0
FX 3.5 (LINQ) 2007 VB 9.0/C# 3.0 2.0


Here’s some information on what each version includes:

  • FX 2.0: Includes CLR 2.0 generics, etc. Shipped with VS 2005; not much to say here.
  • FX 3.0 = FX 2.0 + WPF (Avalon), WCF (Indigo), WF (Workflow). In other words, FX 3.0 is a set of assemblies that has been added to FX 2.0; it  only includes service pack-level fixes to existing (FX 2.0) assemblies or the existing languages (VB 8.0). FX 3.0 is installed by default on Windows Vista (and is therefore bound to the Vista RTM date), and available for download on down-level platforms. There currently is not a supported version of Visual Studio that targets FX 3.0, however; you can download extensions to VS 2005 that provides some rudimentary support for FX 3.0 at
  • FX 3.5 = FX 3.0 + LINQ. Basically, you can think of FX 3.5 as the new compilers, tools, and assemblies required to support LINQ. Again, FX 3.5 includes new assemblies (e.g., System.Query.dll) and service-pack-level fixes to existing assemblies. FX 3.5 will ship with VS “Orcas”.


An important thing to note about the above versions of the FX is that they all run on CLR 2.0, which shipped in 2005. Unlike previous versions of VS, VS “Orcas” will include the ability to build applications that target each of the above framework versions FX 2.0, FX 3.0, and FX 3.5.You’ll have the ability to specify what framework version the project should target when a project is created, opened for the first time in VS Orcas, and via the property pages. Once a framework version is selected, references, IntelliSense, Object Browser, the Toolbox, etc will be modified such that references that aren’t available in the chosen target are filtered (grayed out, generally).Some common questions,

  • Will I be able to open my 2005 project in VS “Orcas” without upgrading it to FX 3.5? Yes. Users will have the option to upgrade the project’s framework target the first time they open it in VS “Orcas”; however, upgrading will not be required
  • Will I be able to open my 2005 project in VS “Orcas” then re-open it in VS 2005? No. Once a project has been opened in VS “Orcas”, it cannot be subsequently opened in 2005.
  • Will I be able to use LINQ in my FX 2.0 project? No. LINQ requires assemblies that are only available in FX 3.5 projects.
  • If I already have FX 2.0 installed and my app requires FX 3.0, what do I need to install when I deploy my app? Because FX 3.0 is just an add-on pack of sorts for FX 3.0, you’ll only need to install the 3.0 Runtime Components, which have FX 2.0 as a pre-requisite.


Admittedly, this whole framework versioning scheme is pretty confusing, so we’re trying to make the related user experience in VS opt-in: by default you’ll target the latest and greatest version of the FX 3.5 when you create a project and most of this will be transparent. If you do need to target an earlier version, the option will be available. We’ll certainly be interested in your feedback on the model when the first VS “Orcas” CTP is released. Fire away with any questions or rants, I’ll do my best to clarify.


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Microsoft unveils NEW Windows Vista Edition!

June 18th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

Windows Vista “Lemon-Lime” edition said to be the most refreshing member of the lineup yet!  So far it’s been very elusive, and unlike other editions can only be installed from select Microsoft kitchenettes.

I apologize for the poor quality pics — took them w/ my cell phone :)  — Figured I’d share the laugh.

– Patrick

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Aero Glass inside a WPF Window

June 12th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

Searching from google about WPF, I found a cool blogger. His name is Adam Nathan, He is good in Win32API and .NET, from his blog, he mention that he is also going to publish a book about Win32 and WPF. He took the WPF UI he created for the Internet Hearts Migration, slapped it in a System.Windows.Window, and “glassified” it. Here is his result, 


 He didn’t change a thing in the Hearts UI, and everything worked as expected: the 2D & 3D animations, the elements that already had partial opacity (like the card table), etc. And when doing a “Flip 3D” (which I’m surprisingly finding more useful than the standard Alt+Tab), the result is pretty cool:

Do you wanna read the full story and his code, go here : Adam Nathan’s Win32 to WinFX Blog


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Windows Live Product Reader

June 12th, 2006 by Patrick S

“Many people like to keep up with new product announcements and launches across Microsoft but wish they had an aggregated way to keep track of it all. Meet MSReadr!

MSReadr is an information aggregator for all of the product team blogs across Microsoft’s Windows Live division. Search, Messenger, Mail, they’re all in there. You can view the latest news right in your browser, subscribe to one feed for updates from all of the blogs, or add the site’s OPML file as a reading list.

The site is powered by Python and Sam Ruby’s branch of Planet Planet. The domain name is missing an “e” because that’s the Web 2.0 thing to do.

This project was created on a Sunday evening without the approval or blessing of Microsoft. It’s a work in progress.”

Source straight from Niall Kennedy’s blog

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WinFX=.Net 3.0!

June 10th, 2006 by Patrick S

When speaking to developers about WinFX one question that repeatedly comes up is, “WinFX sounds great, but what happens to .NET?” .NET Framework has becomes the most successful developer platform in the world.  Developers know and love .NET.

The .NET Framework has always been at the core of WinFX, but the WinFX brand didn’t convey this.  The WinFX brand helped us introduce the incredible innovations in terms of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and the newly christened Windows CardSpace (WCS) formerly known under the codename “InfoCard.”  The brand also created an unnatural discontinuity between previous versions of our framework and the current version.

With this in mind Microsoft have decided to rename WinFX to the .NET Framework 3.0.  .NET Framework 3.0 aptly identifies the technology for exactly what it is – the next version of our developer framework.

The change is in name only and will not affect the technologies being delivered as part of the product. The .NET Framework 3.0 is still comprised of the existing .NET Framework 2.0 components, including ASP.NET, WinForms, ADO.NET, additional base class libraries and the CLR, as well as new developer-focused innovative technologies in WPF, WCF, WF and WCS:


The .NET Framework 3.0 will still ship with Windows Vista, and will be available down-level for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as planned.  This change doesn’t affect in any way the ship schedules of either Windows Vista or the .NET Framework 3.0 itself.

Microsoft are confident that this change will go a long way towards reducing confusion people may have about our developer platform and the technologies in which they should invest. 

Source staight from Somasegars MSDN blog

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