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First hand on Windows Live Mail Desktop (Beta)

June 29th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]


Well, I have been approved to download and try the Windows Live Mail Desktop, the build I downloaded is v8.0.0774.  I installed and try to login by using my Windows Live ID and I got a lot of error, including cannot migrate my OE6 folders/files to WLMD, and also cannot find my Microsoft Live ID, and also cannot synchronize my folders/files from Windows Live(same as Hotmail).

And the outlook of WLMD is cool, much like Office Outlook, and also I can access Newsgroup from WLMD. However, I found out that I cannot adjust the width of the right panel. And I found it out that it is the area for Advertisement. If you are a paid user in Hotmail or later the Windows Live, then you have choose to disable the Advertisement panel.

As it is still in Beta, so error sometimes come up.




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10 Responses

  1. kikker46 Says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t login. I did get an official email that I got invited to join the beta. (so I can download the setup with my msn acount) 🙁

  2. MVP KenLin Says:

    Do you have the Live ID? Have you set it up yet?

  3. can Says:

    Windows live spaces

  4. Ale Says:

    I have also received an invite, but still cant log in. It says I dont have permission to syncronise my mails. I got a valid invite directly from Microsoft, what can i do to solve this? Thanks in advance!

  5. kenlin@HK [MVP] Says:

    Please make sure that you have change your passport ID into Live ID.

  6. Razee Says:

    I cannot install WLM Desktop. it says that that WLM beta was not installed and no changes were made to system. after that another message appears and says please download the latest version from I am an official beta tester and got an invitation from microsoft. I have tried downloading so many times but the same error is everytime. Can someone help

  7. ahmng Says:

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  8. InVV Says:


  9. cindy Says:

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  10. Peter Verwey Says: