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Office Online (Running on R2!!)

June 27th, 2006 by Patrick S

Microsoft have just launched a new site allowing users to use Office 2007 (office 12) in a real life sandbox environment. Every thing is pre-installed, you just have to try/test out the next version of office for Windows’s.
I was very surprised by the speed and stability of the remote system despite the hundreds of people pummelling it trying to get a taste of Office 07 (which explains the waiting queue before load).

The setup requires the user to download the citrix plug-in that allows you to remotely connect to the server through your browser window. However that’s all well and good but what OS is it running on? Windows Server 2003 R2 of course (with the Luna theme enabled I might add) Boy its good to see it running in a “hardcore” environment like this-what cant R2 do?

:-Patrick S

By the way check out the office live demo HERE

R2 on office online

Update: Zack here, nerdy note – I’ve just got around to checking this out out of curiosity – I’ve uploaded another screenshot available here but take note of the amount of RAM that this server has to offer – 13GB, that’s one hell of a powerful computer eh? 😛

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8 Responses

  1. stuart Says:

    That looks cool – but where’s the link?? 🙂

  2. h0bbel Says: is the testdrive link.

  3. Patrick S Says:

    ha ha ha sorry i forgot to add it…ill add it right away 😛
    Thanks Stuart & h0bbel

  4. stuart Says:

    That’s poor – the site won’t work with Firefox! Even though Citrix definitely works with Firefox.

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  6. Surya Says:

    Seems to me that instead of alienating a lot of possible users, MS should do well to allow any person with any kind of OS with any kind of browser to access this stuff. Google did their implementations right with using AJAX and Javascript. Writely I think did it right with Java. If MS truly wants to beat competition, they need to make their products more accessible. I truly see this as a way for them to increase Office sales. If potential customers see the online MS suite then they will definitely be tempted to go out and buy the standalone copy of OFffice for their machines as well. It just makes plain old business sense.

  7. Patrick S Says:

    True i would agree…what error message does it give with a different kind of browser?
    Google have everything to gain (they do not make browsers) so they want as many visits as possible. I might add that google calender does not allow IE7 users to use it as of yet-the user is bombarded with “never ending” script errors.

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