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Watercolour Reloaded – the first Aero enhancement for Vista

June 26th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Back in the days of the Windows XP beta (codename “Whistler”), the first theme available before the Luna theme came out (the standard blue theme) was the Watercolour theme. This wasn’t around for long, but Bryant has come up with a great idea – a mix between Watercolour in “Whistler” and Aero in Vista. He’s done it, and still working on it, but the results are spectacular.

I spoke to Bryant yesterday; he says this, “I actually came up with the idea a long time ago; I thought it would be interesting to see some adaptation of the old Watercolour theme from the “Whistler” beta in the form of translucent Glass. I began putting it through testing with Beta 1 but I made the decision to postpone the project for the public Beta 2 release of Windows Vista, simply because more people would have had the opportunity to try it out.” 

Watercolour Reloaded won’t be available to use yet as it’s still in development, but from the looks and the speed it runs at, I think it’s an amazing theme – if not the first custom made Aero enhancement for Windows Vista! Check out the screenshots below – simply click to open them up in a new window.


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2 Responses

  1. Patrick S Says:

    Only an onld R2 tester could think of such a good idea 😀

  2. Michael a.k.a. Lost Soul Says:

    Heck, i was faster then Bryant :/

    Watch around before writing such things..