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Windows Vista 5456 released to testers

June 24th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

OK covering a bit of old news now (it’s been a crazy day…) but yesterday, Microsoft released the latest build of Windows Vista (x86 and x64) to testers. It currently contains the versions, Ultimate, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business, and obviously the actual version install depends on which key you enter in on the Setup screens.

You can still use the same key that you used for build 5342 and above without a problem, so you shouldn’t need to generate new keys. Not sure if MSDN subscribers will get this – it’s doubtful as it’s only another interim release.

Windows Vista x86 (32-bit): ISO format – 2,572.91MB (2.57GB)
Windows Vista x64 (64-bit): ISO format – 3,356.90MB (3.35GB)

Note: there are also localised builds for German, Japanese and Arabic, so your best bet is to download your localised build instead of the English one (unless you’re English of course!)

Microsoft Connect users, go and download now!

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12 Responses

  1. Encarta Says:

    Will Microsoft release other localised build like chinese or korean ?

  2. Daniel Says:

    For Localization, you need to join Mini Beta

  3. Encarta Says:

    How to join?Where to start?

  4. Zack Says:

    Encarta 1) Once Vista has been finally released.
    Daniel 2) Nope, the localised downloads are on the same site as the normal beta.
    Encarta 3)

  5. Daniel Says:

    i joined mini beta for Hong Kong Version Windows Vista =.=”

  6. Encarta Says:

    Daniel,can you e-mail to me and tell me how to join mini beta for Hong Kong Version Windows Vista if you convenient.Thanks!

    my email: wpcheah [a]

  7. Daniel Says:

    It is not open for Public, as a MVP of Hong Kong, We get the invitation for Hong Kong Version Windows Vista. Please contact your local MS Office’s Windows Client Manager to get into mini beta =)

  8. Encarta Says:

    Thanks! your reply are helpful for me,I hope more localised build can release
    at Microsoft Connect including Hong Kong version.@~@

  9. Patrick Elliott [MS] Says:

    Yes, as Daniel says, you’ll need to contact MS HK to get into the MiniBeta, If you’re really really going to be committed to testing the localized version, and filing some great bugs — let me know and I’ll ask around internally and see what I can do for you.

  10. Encarta Says:

    Thanks Patrick!Actually I am MS Connect Vista tester,I interesting for the Hong Kong version cause I known read chinese words and speak cantonese .So far I only report the bug for IE7 to upload photo at MSN Spaces and the back button weird for IE 7 at previous build.I also report for the Japanese version about Start Menu show IE X64 is a 32bit at Beta 2.I keep on to find the bug to improve Vista performance better and better!!

  11. Daniel Says:

    [OT]I live in Hong Kong =P

  12. waqas Says:

    Get Ready for Vista. Register at windows vista forums.