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Business Desktop Deployment 3.0

June 22nd, 2006 by laidaniel

Business Desktop Deployment 3.0 STD Edition for Windows Vista Training Guide [Part 1]
Author: Daniel Lai, MVP-Management Infrastructure

Table of Contents


Lab Environment 
-Deployment Server  
-Windows Client (Upgrade, Refresh, Replace-Source)
-Blank Client (New, Replace-Destination)
-Reference Computer (Master Image) 

Prepare the Deployment Server 

Prepare USMT for Users Migration 

Prepare Microsoft Office Unattended Installation 

Configure Distribution Share 
-Add Operating Systems 
-Add Applications 
-Add Build 
-Add Deployment Point 

Deploy the Build 
-Upgrade Computer Scenario 
-Refresh Computer Scenario 
-Replace Computer Scenario 
-New Computer Scenario 

-Capture the Master Image 
-Deploy the Master Image

In fact, how many people want to get it? 😛 Any suggestions?

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