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Project code-name Glidepath Technical Preview

June 20th, 2006 by Patrick S

The release of Windows Vista will create a new wave of demand for applications that MicroISVs supply. Microsoft know how many new features and APIs we have added to Windows Vista as well as we understand how challenging it is to start and keep a MicroISV business running. Project Glidepath is designed to provide the knowledge you, as a MicroISV, need to be successful by providing step-by-step instructions for everything from how to get started with Windows Presentation Foundationto how to write and publish a press release.

Project Glidepath is a MicroISV Evangelism program that delivers the workflow-based guidance, sample code, content and technology you need to create successful applications for Windows Vista.

A video podcast is available on Channel9 where Technical Evangelist Michael Lehman explains the purpose and some of the internal workings of Project Glidepath.

What is Project Glidepath:

The Project Glidepath Software Factory

  • A freely available VS2005 Software Factory add-in that provides specific content, technology and templates for buliding applications for Windows Vista and .Net Framework 3.0.
  • Workflow-based guidance regarding all aspects of being in the software business. This includes everything you need regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of starting and succeeding as a MicroISV.
  • Delivered as Project Glidepath “packages”, all the content is dynamically delivered via RSS feeds so your factory can always stay up-to-date.

The ProjectGlidepath.Net Community

  • Project Glidepath “packages” that can be downloaded via RSS into your Software Factory.
  • The Project Glidepath blog – insight into the workings of ProjectGlidepath and information about how to develop your own Project Glidepath packages.
  • The Project Glidepath Gallery – featured content from Project Glidepath packages which can be used with or without Visual Studio to help you build the hit application for Windows Vista.

For more info check out the project that IS codenamed Glidepath HERE. or visit the BLOG 😀

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