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Windows Live Messenger – well and truly live!

June 19th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Today, was launched, the new site which is the new site which anyone can download a released beta version of a Windows Live product, or a full released-to-manufacturing product such as Windows Live Messenger, which has been released this evening.

Get Live ( is different from Live Ideas ( because Get Live is a purely download orientated website, whilst Live Ideas is an ”everything” site, showing what is coming, what is new and gives links to their team blogs, forums or other information sources.

Check out for further reading:

Note: the Get Live site is still being slowly integrated out and won’t be available fully until June 20th, midday (Pacific Standard Time) – until then, you can use the links below.

As Dennis says: Minutes ago, Microsoft has launched the Windows Live Messenger! Live Messenger is one of over 20 new Live services. Live Messenger is providing PC-to-PC, PC-to-Worldwide calls and of course videocalling. Check out all the latest details about it at the download location.

 Get Live! (beta)
 Download Windows Live Messenger (build 8.0.0787) (updated link)
Windows Live Messenger (Get Live)
 Windows Live Spaces (pre-Live beta)
 Windows Live OneCare (final released product)
 Windows Live Mail (beta) 

Well, to wet your appetite even more, we’ve got some screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger, as the final product. Mainly, some slight user interface tweaks, such as the top right hand corner of each window has a more advanced “refraction” look. Check them out below – just click on an image to open it in it’s own window.  

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10 Responses

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  2. kopi Says:

    nice brother, keep it up the good work

  3. kenlin@HK [MVP] Says:

    I visit, nothing loaded except the background image, it is really still under beta site.

  4. chagel Says:

    to kenlin@HK [MVP],
    not really, you can set your language to “EN” in IE options. Then you’ll get the normal english page. I suppose other languages haven’t been ready till now, except English, and simple Chinese.

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  6. Patrick S Says:

    Awesome Post!!

  7. Darren Straight Says:

    Haha who’s that your talking to I wonder! 😀

  8. Darren Straight Says:

    Ohh by the way, remember to change your link to:

    The one from is using msn messenger 7.5 sounds plus there’s a few other bugs as this release wasn’t indented as the final version even though it has the same build number, my bad! 😉

  9. Patrick Elliott [MS] Says:

    You should see some of the Windows Live internal promotional stuff — “Hey Windows Live, Pimp my office!” is my favorite one 😛

  10. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Patrick, I’ve seen it – very funny stuff! 😀