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Vista beta 2 product keys can now be requested!

June 9th, 2006 by André Nogueira

It is now possible to request Vista Beta 2 product keys.

Just go to Microsoft Beta Experience and from there you can choose if you want to order or download Vista.

Have fun! 😀

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65 Responses

  1. Waylan B. Says:

    I need a key…any I just want one for the uses all the previous versions…. — —-THANKS!

  2. kishore Says:

    can i get the key for vista 32 bit build 5472

  3. Russell Adams Says:

    it sais i can request a key do i ask here or is there a website i can sign up for one. If it is here, then may please have a vista 5600 key

  4. evan Says:

    hey, late ask, key for 5384? PLEASE

  5. mice Says:

    x64 5384 key please

  6. barneyboj Says:

    please can someone send me a working product key for the x86 vista beta 2 5384 build

  7. barneyboj Says:

    o n its to thanks

  8. Chris Says:

    Requesting Key for x64 version

  9. Nards Says:

    product key for vista build 5472 please… –Thanks…

  10. Sammyy Says:

    I lost my vista key and my account is inactive. Can anyone plz plz send me a key.


  11. jordan Cham Says:

    i need a key for vista build 5384

  12. mohit Says:

    plz i want serial key for windows vista beta 2 build 5456

    plz mail me at

  13. Fred Says:

    I need a key for Vista build 5744 x64
    Thanks alot

  14. mike Says:

    can someone please give me a rc2 key, i have 3 more day untill my trial of windows vista is over

  15. guy Says:

    can i have the key to vista bate thank you very much