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Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail Desktop and Windows Live Mail??

June 8th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]
Reading from MVP Microsite and know that there is a Windows Live Mail Desktop. Oh god, another new thing? As I know, Outlook Express will be replaced by Windows Mail. And Hotmail will be replaced by Windows Live Mail. Now, What is this Windows Live Mail Desktop? I cannot use Windows Mail to get download/access the mails in Windows Live Mail(Like we are using OE to access hotmail now)?   

After searching from Google, I found the following features between them, by reading it, I think that I will use Windows Live Mail Desktop than Windows Mail. But Microsoft claim that they will still release and support for the Windows Mail. However, Windows Live Mail Desktop including all features in Windows Mail and also is free, why I do still need/use Windows Mail? There must be something I still don’t know and Windows Live Mail Desktop cannot provide while Windows Mail can.


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