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ISV Microsoft Vista Touchdown Training

June 8th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]
I was selected by my company to join the ISV Vista Touchdown Training from 14th to 16th of June. It is a 3 days session, and is a combination of presentations and hands on labs that focus on growing services opportunities for partners, and a series of new hands-on technical exercises that highlight some of the compelling new design enhancements in Windows Vista. I am so glad that I can attend this training after the Singapore Vista Training by Product Group last 2 weeks. And I hope that this Touchdown Training is really a hands-on Training.
Day 1

Intro Session
Windows Vista User Experience, HOL
Consuming Search and Organize Services, HOL
Best Practices for User Account Control in Windows Vista
Consuming RSS Data from your Applications  

Day 2
WPF: 2D Graphics
WPF: Tools
WPF: Styles, Templates, and Resources, HOL
WPF: Databinding
WPF: Animation, HOL
WPF: Documents, Text, and File Formats
WPF: 3D Graphics
WPF: Interop and Migration

Day 3
Lap Around Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), HOL
Lap Around Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Establish a Feedback Loop
Windows Vista Software Logo Requirements
Windows Vista Application Compatibility Issues and Resolutions

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