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MSBLOG Exclusive – Vector Glass/Aero Diamond – it’s not coming folks

June 3rd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

It’s a controversial statement and for those who are expecting “True Glass” or “Aero Diamond” or “vector based Glass” where the Glass imagery in Vista is directly drawn from Direct3D or the Windows Presentation Foundation… but folks, it’s very unrealistic that this is real, or even thought of in the first place. Let’s just analyse some of the facts or myths that is flying around the Internet.



Neowin: “Aero Diamond is the most beautiful Aero interface and will only be available to users of the Media Center Edition of Longhorn (perhaps it could be backported now that theming capabilities are unlocked?) Aero Glass is the interface most of us see in the Longhorn screenshots. Aero Express is similar to the Aero Glass theme except toned down a little for slower hardware. Aero To-Go is for laptops and other battery-powered devices and will have an XP-like interface. Aero Classic is the 2000-style theme.”

Although that’s not an official Microsoft source, it still shows that they could have been planning a vector-based Glass, but where’s the Media Center Edition? There isn’t one and never was one planned because Media Center is going to be part of every Vista edition from Home Premium up. So without a specific theme for a non-existant Media Center Edition, what else have we got to go on that there’s actually going to be a vector-based Glass theme?

Wikipedia: “Windows Aero is the name for the new graphical user interface and visual style in Windows Vista. Its name is an acronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. Intended to be a cleaner, more powerful, more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing user interface, it also includes new transparencies, animations and eye candy. Since mid-2005, Microsoft has gradually added elements of Aero to released Windows Vista builds. Build 5270 (released in December 2005) contained an implementation of Aero which was virtually complete, according to sources at Microsoft; however, small changes will continue to be made until Windows Vista is released.

We already know that Beta 2 (build 5384.4) is now “feature complete” which means that nothing’s going to be added for future builds, only bug fixes and minor tweaks (such as adding real names to products instead of codenames) so what makes anyone think that this nearly-public release will have this vector based Aero? It’s very unlikely. The image above with the new Glass imagery seen in the Product Guide, the amount of computing power that would be needed to get the detail and the precision for that is unbelievable. It’s difficult enough to get Windows Aero running on a machine as it is, and Computer Weekly did an article about how the average user would need to spend £300 (about $450 or so) on upgrading their existing machine to get the new transparency features.

Exclusive: I’ve spoken to a contact within Microsoft about this – so far nobody even knows about this “vector Glass”, so we’re expecting an official statement from them very soon, and hopefully we here at MSBLOG can either confirm, or finally rest the myths about vector-based Aero graphics to sleep.

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6 Responses

  1. Andre Nogueira Says:

    Spend $450 to get Aero Glass? That’s a “bit” too much. I have a five year old computer – Pentium 3 1Ghz – and with about €70 I now have Aero Glass in Vista and Media Center Edition on XP (Vista MCE does not work well, but XP MCE does). The €70 were used to buy 256Mb of RAM (upgraded it to 768Mb), a graphics card (Geforce 5700LE) and a new Power Supply Unit. Granted, they were all used components (although they were in perfect condition). But who would spend $450 upgrading their old computers..? You can almost buy a new computer without a monitor for that price…

    About the product guide image.. I still don’t understand why they put a clearly photoshop’ed screenshot instead of a real screenshot… Just notice the size of the leaves relative to the size of the buttons… But oh well, I never expected a vector image based interface in Vista anyway 🙂

  2. the_ubernated Says:

    If it was real, Microsoft wouldn’t give you an exclusive on such a well kept secret – they’d wait for whenever it is they’re planning to finally unveil the skin. You’ll probably get a denial from Microsoft, if anything at all.

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  5. tyler Says:

    From what I have heard Vector Glass is in the new RC1 release (build 5600) that was released yesterday, September 1st. I have only read in one forum post that there is vector glass, I will soon see, download is at 15% can’t wait!

  6. Zack Whittaker Says:

    There isn’t any vector Glass. Never has, never will be.