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Flight Simulator X Beta Has Begun!

May 29th, 2006 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

On may 24th the long awaited beta test of Microsoft Flight Simulator X has begun confirmed my internal source. This time it seems to be a very secret / special beta program because I know one betatester only who was invited to participate in this game beta. But atleast it seems to be an international beta, not restricted to US residents.

fsx002.thumbnail.jpg    fsx004.thumbnail.jpg

The latest installment will have it’s best experience on Windows Vista because only Vista will have DirectX 10 integrated into it to provide outstanding graphics powered by DirectX 10 capable graphic cards. Flight Simulator X will include over 23.000 airports and more than 60 missions which will challenge the skills from the beginner level up to expert pilots. At the moment beta binaries are supplied on two DVDs images. It’s to be expected that the final product will ship on less media.

fsx001.thumbnail.jpg    fsx004.thumbnail.jpg


For simulation fans it seems that Flight Simulator X will be a very realistic top seller game for Windows Vista! A release date for Flight Simulator X wasn’t not announced yet but we know that Vista will ship in december to system builders and will be available to retailers in january of 2007. After all I guess it can be expected to be available in December 2006 if all goes well, otherwise in the first quarter of 2007! Stay tuned for additional screenshots and information.

Source: you know who you are!


Dennis Fraederich [MCP], a Microsoft Betatester
Contact on WLM: mcgiga[at]

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29 Responses

  1. Andre Nogueira Says:

    You wouldn’t believe how jealous I am of your friend… 🙁

  2. Dennis Fraederich Says:

    Yes Andre, I am so jealous too!

  3. Patrick S Says:

    Oh how i want that game 🙁

  4. Joseph Bittman Says:

    LOL – I’d love to be testing that product :)!

  5. dan Says:

    yea I would love to be a beta tester of fsx too.

  6. patrick Says:

    I’va a lot of friends at Microsoft.
    But how can I be engage in beta program ??
    I don’t find anything on Microsoft Web Sites.

  7. chris Says:

    i’d love to know how to become a beta tester!

  8. Patrick S Says:

    Ill tell you how you can get the chance View andre’s MSBLOG post here ( which tells you how to join the MSFT games recuitment program. 😀

    -Patrick S

  9. Don Scott Says:

    Bear FSX Beta Team,
    I have my copy of the FSX Beta and would like to know if I can get a key. I have a fan site , and am part of one of the largest VA’s around. I fly VATSIM with LOTS of payware and would just like to see what a good International flight would be like. (( I also use project magenta and the Peter Dowson Products )
    I also model with Gmax ( by Turbosquid ) and create scenery !

    Just thought I might ask since I was one of the unfortunate who were Duped by Fileplanets advertising sceme. You can see they STILL have the advertisment up though they stated publically that they are not giving out keys any longer .

    Heres the link to prove they are still up :

    If they stoped giving out these keys then WHY are the pages still up ? Are they still making money from that promotion ?


    I WILL be buying this game anyway , but thought a full preveiw might be nice

  10. Patrick S Says:

    Errr there is a preview you can download…its en the public!

  11. K L Richard Says:

    File Planet does have the Beta Client for FS-X to download. I am downloading the beta client. From what I read there is a 30 minute trial time. I can live with that. But a Key would be nice too. I am also going to buy the Deluxe version. I tried the 600 MB Demo on XP and I tried it on Vista. The demo didn’t work very well on Vista. I am beta testing Vista at the moment to learn how to work with Vista to learn to troubleshoot for it’s release. I feel that FS X should be a good test of Vista. I am going to try the Beta Client first. Then when FS X is released I will get the Deluxe to try that in Vista.

  12. Patrick S Says:

    Ahh cool thats awesome :D… i really want the full version when it RTM’s but i bet it will be expencive and it seems to consume a lot of my PC’s resources…

    As for don find the flight sim demo download here:

  13. K L Richard Says:

    Well I tried the Beta client of Flight Sim X today. It is a bit jittery. Ground animation for the planes is a little goofy. But over all I would have to say that Flight Sim X is going to be worth the money. I am flying from Minneapolis to Fargo, ND. With no product key the program only runs 30 minutes, then shuts down. So I am saving alot not to loose too much of the flight. So far all flight testing is being done in XP. Right now the 30 minute trial is a nice feature because I am keeping track of the timing of the loading of Flight Sim X main menu at start and loading of the save file. Flight Sim X (Beta Version) seems to start up better the second time around then the first in XP. Is there a way to still get an Activation Key from Microsoft for there Full version Beta Client. I would like to test a full length flight after this test to see how the systems performs none stop?

  14. K L Richard Says:

    The Beta Client of Flight Simulator X doesn’t work in Vist. The opening screens come up, I can set the flight and all, but when the screen loads to the plane the screen is black as durt. The Beta Client doesn’t seem to be Vista RC1 compatiable. 🙁 I was really looking forward to see what it was going to look like. Maybe the full release will. Have to wait and see. FSX defently is beyond what I was exspecting from Microsoft for there next Version if FS. They have focused on many area’s besides graphics. The helicopter for the first time I can recall are actually flyable and landable. They finally have overhead panels, there aren’t great but I will give them a (A) for effort. Everything went well on the first free flight. I am working with the mission’s at the moment. The more I work with FSX the more I am really looking forward to it’s release this month. Defently the Deluxe version. From what I can see there is a mission creator to create our own missions. I tried to get it to work in the beta but I haven’t had any luck. After trying for a hour I gave up. GMAX 12 appears to be included. I have read some forms where GMAX 12 isn’t going to be included but it is with the Beta so we will have to wait and see. Over all from what I can see working with the beta I give Microsoft a heads up on a good job.
    (Are activation key still available?)

  15. shifty Says:

    Why play the demo wen you can play the full game like me :O)
    awesome awesome game sooooo much better than 2004

  16. Patrick S Says:

    Aww 🙁 … Lucky guy :'(

  17. 555-Logs Says:

    FSX is great!! Full game is way better than the demo

  18. Patrick S Says:

    HYowq did you get it…are you on the beta?

  19. K L Richard Says:

    Well I got the full product release today. I must say that I am very dissappointed. I played the beta, I also played both demo’s. I was exspecting the bugs in the demos to be gone. Unfortantly I am finding that the bugs from the demo’s are still in the final release. I have seen commercials on the Millitary channel that the terminal gates are animated. They come up to the plane when the door is opened. From the commercial I was impressed by the looks of FS X. Now that I have the final release. HA HA. I was at Minneapolis. Had that 747 sitting at the gate. 1st off the gate didn’t move. Second the luggage vehicles didn’t move. The fuel truck didn’t have tires, they were all white. The signs on all the taxi ways are white. I took off with the Boeing 747, to my shock the wings stayed flat and the Flaps and cowls angled up like there was wind under the wings. The flaps and cowls litterly seperated from the wings. I have download all video files and everything to update my computer and nothing fixes these problems. I have changed the settings but that didn’t take care of the little bugs. I was exspecting better from all the pictures that was out there. Why beta test if the bugs aren’t going to get fixed before release?

  20. Patrick S Says:

    Woah really…thats not good at all.. when you say you picked up the final product is that the beta product or the final one thats in shops… If thats the case its not out in New Zealand yet 🙁
    Please reply… Thanks, Patrick

  21. K L Richard Says:

    That is the retail one that is in the shops. It was released officially in the US yesterday.

  22. Patrick S Says:

    Oh really..ill have to get myself a copy!

  23. D Koss Says:

    I just bought FSX a week ago and I am disappointed that the taxi markers are white even in the high def airports ( Detroit). I have a new 3d nvidia 256mb card and have the graphics at full blast.

  24. Dylan Says:

    I want the Activation Code have somebody that ???

  25. lljoepj Says:

    dont no the product key do you now it guys ? please tell me

  26. ido Says:

    anyone has the product-key? (25 characters). mine doesn’t seem to work…
    thanks alot

  27. emar Says:

    My product key doesn’t seem to work either. Any ideas…..

  28. Scott Says:

    does anyone have aproduct key for the flight simulator X

  29. from croatia Says:

    please tell me activation key!!!!