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SearchBox Plugins for IE7 by

May 28th, 2006 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

Today we present you our first two plugins for the new Internet Explorer 7 SearchBox feature.

1) The first add-in is a English to German and vice versa translator with a integrated dictionary. It’s based on I came across it last week and because everyday I’ll talk to much english-speaking people like readers/members and betatesters too, it’s a very helpful service for me. I thought how can I use it in my daily work without accessing the site everytime I’ll want to translate something. Then the new Internet Explorer 7 SearchBox feature came across my mind. 🙂
So I started searching the Windows Vista Registry to find the corresponding registry keys for the SearchBox feature. While writing this posting I used it very often to find the right words I didn’t knew before. Maybe we have some german-speaking readers who will find it a bit useful. Add-in



2) The second one is especially for Sometimes I want to find some older news/postings on without loading the entire website every time. So guess what I could use for it? Yes, the SearchBox feature of Internet Explorer 7! 😀 Add-in



Download: SearchBox Plugins for IE7 by Size: 467 Bytes


Maybe you want to write your own plugin to use i.e. instead of
Here is a short description how to achieve it:

1. Install the lastest Windows Vista beta OR Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP.
2. Open the registry editor by pressing Windows + R, enter regedit and hit enter.
3. Move to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes
4. Right click on SearchScopes and click on New -> Key and name it i.e.
5. On the right side right click again then create a new String
6. Name it DisplayName, then double click it and enter the name which should show up in Internet Explorer 7, i.e.
7. Again create a new String and name it URL
8. Double click the URL and enter your address which will receive the search content you enter in the SearchBox of Internet Explorer 7. It could like this:{searchTerms}
9. The variable {searchTerms} will be replaced with the content you enter into the SearchBox and then send with the complete URL to a tab of your window.
10. Close the registry editor to and close all open Internet Explorer 7 windows to activate it.

Overall I have written two very small plugins to have those features integrated into my Internet Explorer 7.
Atleast I hope some of you find them a bit helpful too.
Tell me your opinion, suggestion, positiv and of course negativ critisism too via WLM or the comment function.


Dennis Fraederich [MCP], a Microsoft Betatester
Contact on WLM: mcgiga[at]

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5 Responses

  1. Patrick Elliott [MS] Says:

    Thanks Dennis, thats awesome!

  2. Patrick S Says:

    OMG i downloaded it-it blimmin AWESOME :D,
    And its not even complicated to write.

    Thanks a lot 😀

  3. Deansweb2004|NT Says:

    Great stuff Dennis 🙂

  4. Volkan Says:

    Yeah thanks for the great Stuff. Good Work!

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