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Microsoft needs feedback for Windows Vista Beta 2

May 27th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Windows Vista Beta 2 was released on 24th May (or was it 23th May ??) and it’s 3-4 days after the launch. While this is good news, but what’s the use if you can’t submit your feedback to Microsoft after playing with Beta 2 build?

If you are not in the Technical Beta program and you are happy or unhappy in any parts of Vista Beta 2, you can have your feedback submitted at this page:

Do note that all feedbacks will be read by MSFT, although due to the many feedbacks that they receive, don’t expect to receive any replies from MSFT.

Get your engines started and write some feedback on Beta 2 now! 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. deadman_freddy Says:

    im trying to find the link to download a copy of windows vista beta 1 or 2 dont matter which and the msdn site doesnt even have links or places anywhere on the site or forum to where or how i can download a copy and i am a subscriber and beta tester… its starting to annoy and anger me that i cant find any links to download a copy… can u please help me to figure out why i cant find or get a link to download a copy of vista???

  2. Patrick S Says:

    If you are a beta tester its easy to find a copy,
    Go to Connect,
    Click My Participation,
    Click The vita link (something like Windows Vista with IE7)
    On the left hand side (the side bar) click downloads,
    Request a product key (at the top of the page if you haven’r allready done so),
    Sort it by builds and there you will find the latest build.

    It shouldnt be too hard to find it on MSDN. Not sure but perhaps it depends on your subscription


  3. Patrick Elliott [MS] Says:

    I’m actually personally reading some of that feedback. Keep it coming in guys, we do pay attention to it!! 😛

  4. camefromhell Says:

    If you would really need usable feedback you would give the beta to WinXP MCPs and not to girls who spent a night with some Microsoft sales guy. But I know, things work different in Austria…

  5. life_is_funny Says:

    hey guys they finaly got the link to the beta 2 stuff going ,, im downloading it right now .. and im dling it at 235 kbs lmao off there site and its sayen my dl is going to be finnished in 5 hours,, but ya if u guys are interested just go to microsofts web site and find it there ,, u dont have to look to hard there posting it everywhere ,,all u have to do is sign up for the beta test stuff ,, and they send you microsoft 2007 and key to try out whitch i dl’ed and installed and its great no bugs so far ,, and in a bit they send u a link to dl the real thing( vista build 2 ) public
    but anyways do that and they ge\ive u the link and oem cd key for the vista beta build 2 also well do that and good luck to yas in your beta testing ..

    btw they want u to use a fresh install ,, meaning for the people that dont know what that means ,, u have to format your drive . and use the vista by itself no upgrades ,, cuz it doesnt support it .. u have to do a clean install with no os on your drive ,, ===== so clean drive , and install and your good to go ,, ow and btw again
    u should check to see if your comp can handle vista build 2 ,, it requiers alot like 256mg vidio , 1 gig or ram. p4 2.5 gig or higher

    well if u guys get it good job and have fun with it