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Windows Vista Workshop Day 2 – Singapore

May 26th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

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  1. Rod Trent at : A new version of Internet Explorer to be released every year -- whoa! Says:

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  2. Patrick S Says:

    Ha Ha cool post..I have spotted you 😉

  3. wpcheah Says:

    I waiting for Beta 3!!

  4. Martin Says:

    I love IE7 (if only it had a ‘force links that open in new windows to open in a new tab’ function I’d uninstall FireFox and leave it uninstalled)
    But the question I have is, what is going to be in BETA3 that’s not in BETA2.

  5. Rexiology... : Windows Vista Training at Singapore - Day 2... Says:

    […] Windows Vista Training at Singapore – Day 2…   crosspost from As day 1 and day 4 serve as travelling day, the actual sessions started at day 2. I’ve borrowed pics from HK MVP Ken Lin’s blog post to have those pics I didn’t get for this blog post. Today is the first day of sessions about Windows Vista, we’ve got Eddy, the event owner for us for the opening and coordination (pic from Ken). then we had GM of APAC Windows Client, Kenneth Ludin to have a talk of business view of Windows Vista (pic from Ken). later we got Asia MVP and Community RD Cally Ko introducing MVP program for us. after Cally we officially started training sessions. first got Tjeerd Hoek, the director of user experience design dept., to explain to us how and why the UI had been re-designed at Windows Vista (pic from Ken). After lunch, got Michel Gambier, APAC GM of Information Worker dept., to get a brief introduction of Office 2007 beta 2. well, it’s impressive, but seems just in a demo fashion. not have a chance to try it on. must get the bits myself I guess. the next session we got Tariq Sharif, Lead Program Manager of IE, to give us a little bit technical view of Internet Explorer 7. and today’s sessions ended up with a Windows Client Community Roundtable with Nick White and Aaron Coldiron as the hosts. that’s basically all about today’s sessions. something impressive to me, as a developer and counted as half IT Pro guy, is Tjeerd’s UI design explainations, and Tariq’s Internet Explorer 7 session about new features added to IE 7 and how it will help developers to develop more rich functional web applications. Some timelines, according to the other attendee MVP Jabez Gan from Malaysia, IE7 Beta 3 will be released this summer 06 IE7 RTM will be released by December 06. IE8 will better support networking and re-rendering IE will be released in a yearly basis After today’s session we got a group dinner together to have more understanding of each others. the weather was nice, food was delicious, and most of all, it’s really a great pleasure to see MVPs of different places around Asia (pics from Ken).   after the dinner, I went out to meet my Singapore friend known 6 years ago and later just hanging out with her and Ken Lin, and TW MVPs to the clubs of Singapore. something is worth to mention here in case someone may go to Singapore to have some fun. 5 years ago when I was working here, there is a street named “Moham Soutern Street” that is full of clubs all the steet and was so crowded every weekend. every club was all long queue and had to wait a long time just to get into the room and have a drink. but 5 years later, things changed a lot. this steet has few people even at the weekend time, not hot like before. I was told by my friend that recently there was just a new open big disco pub call MOS (Ministry of Sound) that is gaining attentions of local people as well as tourists. As Taiwan also got a MOS disco at Taipei, we decided not to go there tonight and finally went to another hot disco here called Zouk. well, this is another important mission to finish during this trip, to see old friends and meet up! It’s been a busy first day sessions and schedule to meet people, I ended up back to hotel at midnight and go sleep soon for tomorrow’s sessions. Technorati Tags: microsoft , longhorn , windows vista , mvp , event   Filed Under: Business, I.T. News […]

  6. Jabez Gan [MVP] Says:

    I don’t expect to see any major changes in Beta 3, maybe minor bug fixes here and there and greater compatibility with sites

  7. gates Says:

    firefox ruuulez

  8. Zentrum des Wahnsinns » erneute Internet-Offensive von Microsoft Says:

    […] Microsoft geht wieder in Angriffsposition: Zur Zeit befindet sich ja nach jahrelanger Pause die Version 7 des Internet Explorers in der Entwicklung. schreibt nun in einer Newsmeldung unter Berufung auf den Blog eines Teilnehmers einer kürzlichen Workshop-Veranstaltung von Microsoft, dass der Konzern nun als Antwort auf die Konkurrenz von Firefox/Mozilla und Opera plant, den MS-Browser zukünftig im Jahresrythmus neu aufzusetzen. Naja, man kann davon halten was man will, zumindest sollte es Microsoft somit in Zukunft schneller gelingen, die Ideen und Inovationen zeitnah zu kopieren und ins eigene Browserprodukt einzubauen. Ich werde jedenfalls weiterhin bevorzugt mit dem Firefox surfen. Aber einige Leute lassen sich ja durch gar nichts zur Vernunft bringen… […]

  9. Microsoft wants to update Internet Explorer on a regular base // Jeriko One Says:

    […] According to this entry on MSBLOG, Microsoft plans to release further versions of Internet Explorer on an annual base. And although I have my concerns, I do like the plan. […]

  10. PhogBlog » Microsoft dreht an der Release-Schraube Says:

    […] Wenn man der neuesten Ankündigung aus Redmond glauben will, wird es neue Versionen ab sofort im Jahres-Abstand geben. Also Version 8 im Jahre 2007 und Version 9 im Jahre 2008. […]

  11. Blog - Meta Suchmaschine aus Berlin » Blog Archiv » Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 zum Weihnachtsfest Says:

    […] Internet-Explorer-Anwender müssen sich wohl noch ein Weilchen gedulden: Die Veröffentlichung von Version 7 des Browsers zieht sich bis Dezember hin – das jedenfalls will ein Microsoft-Insider laut seinem Blog bei einer Konferenz erfahren haben. Zum Trost wird der Software-Riese im Sommer noch eine dritte Beta-Version veröffentlichen. Neue Features sind ohnehin seit der zweiten Beta-Version nicht mehr eingeplant. […]

  12. Mike Zaun Says:

    With IE8, will there be any change on how add-ins like iMacros ( or other band objects are supported?

  13. Jabez Gan [MVP] Says:

    Mike, nobody knows at the moment…

  14. Dune Says:

    I’m using IE7 beta2 since weeks and I love it!

  15. New to be here and introducing myself » MSBLOG Says:

    […] Windows Vista Workshop Day 1 – Singapore Windows Vista Workshop Day 2 – Singapore by Jabez Gan[MVP] […]

  16. Learning the World » Blog Archive » My @media 2006 day one Says:

    […] First of all, they are planning the next two releases now, and it won’t take another five years until IE8 will emerge. Also IE7+ for Windows Vista is only marketing speak, what counts is that it has the same features as IE7 for Windows XP, except for some vista-only security and parental control. IE7 will ship in “second half 2006.” More precisely, the Malaysian Vista developer Jabez Gan disclosed earlier that December 6 will be the release date. […]

  17. rezepte Says:

    so when comes the IE 8 ? i am ´very interested knowing about that

  18. Kreuzfahrten Says:



    good quests

  19. Stan Says:

    Ich denke, dass Microsoft es wieder schaffen wird, den zu erwartenden Explorer mit einer Vielzahl von Bugs auf die Leute loszulassen.

  20. Reisen Urlaub Kreuzfahrten und Reiseberichte Says:

    @ Stan,

    Ja da wirst Du wohl Recht haben Stan.

  21. Zimmerpflanzen Says:

    Microsoft ist halt Markführer in seinem Bereich und er wird es wohl auch noch eine ganze Weile bleiben.

  22. Patrick S Says:

    Ja haben Sie Kerle vermutlich Recht. Ich wünsche, daß ich zu einem Vista Werkstatttag ging

  23. sunnytan87 Says:

    you guys play a very nice website.. friends interactive

  24. Jabez Gan [MVP] Says:

    Hey Sunny Tan,

    No we don’t, sorry … What’s your profile on that site? 😉

  25. Pozycjonowanie Says:

    Die Veröffentlichung von Version 7 des Browsers zieht sich bis Dezember hin – das jedenfalls will ein Microsoft-Insider laut seinem Blog bei einer Konferenz erfahren haben. Zum Trost wird der Software-Riese im Sommer noch eine dritte Beta-Version veröffentlichen.

  26. Tee Says:

    Abwarten und Tee oder Kaffee trinken 🙂

  27. prosperosa Says:

    Thank you for the great article. Greetings from Germany.

  28. Jack Says:

    IE 7 makes a lot of fun, i like it …

  29. Bob Says:

    Freu mich auf Vista, tolle Effekte!

  30. Marco Says:

    hope this new Aero will rock…

  31. phentermine Says:

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  32. patrizia Says:

    I don’t expect to see any major changes in Beta 3, maybe minor bug fixes here and there and greater compatibility with sites