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Windows Live Local Add-in for Outlook

May 25th, 2006 by Patrick S

You thought Microsoft Outlook was great…

Well now it just got better-Now Windows Live Local is intergrated with Outlook.

Windows Live Local for Outlook enables you to add maps and directions to your Outlook meeting requests, calculate the travel distance between your start location and your appointment location, adjust your meeting departure time based on the estimated travel time, store custom locations, as well as print the map and step-by-step driving directions to take with you on the road. (

You can download this cool new feature HERE

A Big in this new version of Live Local. The first two are necessary feature enhancements: the system now has live traffic data (you can’t have a modern route-finding tool without this), and there are new levels of detail in Europe and the United Kingdom–again, a requirement, as a United States-only mapping tool will never take over the world.

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