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Windows Media Player 11 for XP SP2 only

May 10th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Just got some news from Microsoft about Windows Media Player 11 being release for Windows XP SP2. They wouldn’t comment much which is fair enough, but apparently there will not be a beta program for it for technical testers. Whether this means there might be a public beta or whether they’ll just take the WMP11 files from Vista and transport them over, not 100% sure.

Also, users will need to upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 2 to download the final version, and also will need to be running a genuine copy of Windows to get this. Check the screenshots I managed to get as well – to be honest, it’s just the same as Vista version without the Glass, but rumours are that they’ll use transparent PNG’s and other WinFX effects to give a similar effect – but this isn’t seen in this version I’m afraid 🙁




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13 Responses

  1. chris Says:

    where is that wallpaper from it looks really cool

  2. Windows Media Player 11 on XP at Bartys Blog Says:

    […] posted by Zack on, information regarding windows media player 11 on XP. Apparently there will no beta although a public beta is possible and they will try to replicate vista looking interface using transparent .PNGs. […]

  3. Patrick S Says:

    IT still looks bery nice none-the-less!!

  4. Anders Says:

    Looks very stylish and nice, not like the ugly version 10 we are dealing with now ^^

  5. Matt Says:

    Actually Im tempted to still use wmp10… After using 11 in vista. Things are just harder to get to in my opinion.

  6. Ambroos Says:

    Isn’t it looking like WMP11 in Vista with XP SP2 compatibility mode ( )?

    (off-topic: what wallpaper is that?)

  7. mourad Says:

    thank you for your publishing

  8. mourad Says:

    thank you

  9. mourad Says:

    Isn’t it looking like WMP11 in Vista with XP SP2 compatibility mode

  10. S2 Says:

    Ive used the Beta from microsoft of WMP11 and it rocks, way cleaner interface, somewhat easier to use, and a little faster. Worth a download

  11. Patrick S Says:

    thanks, 😀
    i might downlaod it.

  12. XP_2600 Says:

    Guys, i wonder if there is anyway to make the Windows Media Player 11 on XP controls in the full mode looks transparent, i noticed that in Vista and its really cool when you switch to the full mode and you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen you get the control up but in a transparent bar unlike in WMP11 in XP which you get it dark, any hacks to get it transparent in XP ?

  13. navi Says:

    its good