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Windows Vista NDA – What you can say, and what you can’t

April 30th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

I posted this in the public Vista newsgroups, because myself and many other newsgroupers were sick to the back teeth of idiots posting things like “oh my God, you posted something slightly relating to Windows Vista, you’ve violated your NDA” and all that. It’s not necessary, so I wanted to clarify the NDA once again.

Right, let’s get this one clear again. I urge everyone to read this, no matter how boring it is.

Microsoft internal builds are protected by employee contracts. This doesn’t just apply to Vista, it applies to absolutely every product there is. Internal builds are directly not allowed to be distributed to anyone outside their particular product group.

Builds that have been pushed to a select group of technical testers cannot be distributed either to non-technical testers. It’s been made clear to me by an employee, that if you burn a DVD with Vista on for example who has the ability to download the build but cannot (due to bandwidth or bad connection etc.) can be distributed to them, but if you email the given alias on the Connect site and ask them first, they’re probably not going to say no to it.

Technical testers who have access to Connect and the beta stuff, cannot distribute anything from Connect. Once you sign in and have access to the beta material, that point on anything you see or have access to cannot be distributed to anyone else.

MSDN and TechNet – read through the terms and conditions either on the respective websites and you’ll find pretty much the same thing. You can however, blog about Vista, post screenshots, post tips and hints, post reviews and general information that is not from Connect, anywhere in the public domain.

Sites such as Neowin, JCXP, Winsupersite, and all other non-Microsoft have to be taken with a pinch of salt unless there is a direct source to a blog or posting which has the prefix,,, or, as these are posted by Microsoft employees and therefore add more of a genuine element to the story or article itself.

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  1. Frederic MENI Says:

    Thanks, it’s always good to make things clear.