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Want to join DPM’s SP1 or V2 TAP?

April 22nd, 2006 by Joseph Bittman MCSD .Net

Hi everyone! DPM has released an email address to email if you are interested in joining the normal DPM SP1 or specialty V2 TAP beta. . . . there isn’t an email address for the normal V2 beta. The email address is: “dpmtb[at]”!

Quote from source:

Among the exsiting DPM V1 customers we are looking for customers who want to participate in our beta for Service Pack 1. 

SP1 enables: 

  • protection of 64 bit production servers  

  • protection of production servers with Single Instance Store (SIS) enabled  

  • allows for protection of clustered production servers  

  • and has a roll up of all fixes

If interested in testing, shoot an email to dpmtb[at]”

Posted at by Marc Kamstrup.

Enjoy! – Joseph Bittman DPM MVP

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3 Responses

  1. Matthew Loraditch Says:

    Joseph, I sent in an email to them about v2 on Monday. Do you know if they gotten much of a response? I haven’t got anything yet to fill out for application

  2. Joseph Bittman Says:

    Hi Matthew… are you sure you wanted the v2 TAP? If you want the regular beta, that address isn’t looking for people for the regular beta and hence may get you no response. But if you did want the TAP beta, then I imagine you should get a response… or at least a courtesy “no” that you don’t have the right company profile.

    If you want the regular beta, then I imagine there will be something similar to this in the future. . . . . . although it would probably be quite a few months out.

    Let me know, and I hope this helps!

  3. Matthew Loraditch Says:

    Yes joseph, did want the TAP for work. I work at a medium sized local bank in Maryland. I’ve been trying to get us into something to get on the inside track on some of this stuff. Still haven’t gotten anything from them but hopefully at least a courtesy response. I’m hoping with the newness of the product and the smaller user base we might have a better chance of getting in. Feel free to put in a nudge for us 😉