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Introducing the FIRST MSBLOG Podcast!

April 22nd, 2006 by Patrick S

Well its what you have been waiting for…The first (propper) MSBLOG podcast is here!

This version includes an indepth discussion between Zack and Dean (two of MSBLOG bloggers) over a range of new Microsoft products-includeing Windows Vista and MSN passport/mobile products.

Check it out its worth a listen:

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9 Responses

  1. Deansweb2004|NT Says:

    WOah!, I might need to make my voice abit more clear 🙂

  2. Andre Da Costa Says:

    “If I can’t Glass whats the point of upgrading”, Zack, you wouldn’t make a handy Desktop Support Technician at my Company at all. There is more to Windows Vista than Glass, what about Peer to Peer colloboration, Media Center, Easier deployment for businesses with multilingual sites and employees, more SECURE, UAC, Standard accounts, Instant on and Off, Hot Start, Cool Media Player – lovely organization of music, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Calendar, Easier Navigation (breadcrumb address bar), better back up of data, Internet Explorer Protected Mode (tabs), Tabs Gallery, RSS, higher resolution icons, new wall papers, built in search in each explorer, Gadgets, Sidebar and so, so so so much more. If you don’t get Glass, its not the end of the world. Recent studies indicate that many businesses will turn off the Windows Aero Effects. Glass is just one aspect there way much more Zack. Also, the minimum requirements for Glass is a WDDM card with support for Direct X 9 and Pixel Shader 2.0 technologies, minimum 64-MBs of vRAM, not 128, although 128 or more is recommended.

    Also, I think you can get a really cheap graphics today that won’t rob the bank and give you the full effects of Vista. So, its not the end of the world to spend 50 dollars on an upgrade for your PC.

  3. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Hold on there… there were two people in that conversation Andre giving an opinionated conversation about Vista. It’s what I think, and I stick by it. If you could link to this study regarding Glass and businesses, please do.
    But it was just an informal chat, nothing major, and we didn’t get through all of the features of Vista OK? We all know there’s loads of features there – I just wanted to highlight one of the visually most obvious feature that most people will notice when they first boot up for the first time!
    What is it with you critising everything that I do? 🙁 Crikey almighty!

  4. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Anyway, your company? Dude, I’ve got myself a job at the big time – I haven’t directly mentioned anything about this publically yet because I don’t want to gloat or sound like it… I will now though 😛 So until you get yourself a job at MSFT, think twice before calling me incompentant.

  5. Andre Da Costa Says:

    You have incompetent Microsoft employees too, and they do get fired from time to time. And since you have a problem with taking criticism, I guess I will say more, you talk crap.

  6. Sidebar Geek Says:

    Guys, let’s not turn this into a battle k? Zack, you posted a very opinionated Podcast. You are going to get alot of folks that either agree or disagree with you. Its how good discussions are started. How would discussions be if everyone agreed? Boring.

    Andre, as you’ve noticed, disagrees with you saying without Glass, there is no point to upgrading to Vista. Although his tact is a bit off, he does have a good point about all the other features Vista represents outside of just a fancy new UI. How about security? Performance?

    Consider your Podcast a success because, in my opinion, its started up a very interesting discussion here. Without Glass, would you upgrade to Vista? What other features (other than Glass) will lure you into upgrading?

  7. Andre Da Costa Says:

    Thanks Brandon, you are always calm and collected, no wonder Longhorn Blogs and MS Tech Today is such a hit, keep up the great work. Now, I have to say, suppose some persons acquire Vista illegally when it RTMs, and when their copies of Vista do not meet the WGA requirements? They get no Glass, so they would have get it legally anyway, which means shelling out the cash to get Vista. So, what about the new PC buyer in January 2007? Obviously they will be educated enough to know if they want Glass or not or OEMs will want to make their PC’s enticing to the consumer purchasing a PC, so they will ensure it displays all the effects to get the users attention.

    Trust, me upgrading your PC to support all the effects in Vista will not be a hassle, well maybe if you are running like a PC purchased 3 to 4 years ago, you might have to rethink your upgrad decision. Investing Vista anyway, will require some serious research, pretty much similar to XP when it was released.

  8. Sidebar Geek Says:

    I know my Dad, who is a network admin for a large Pharmaceutical company will probably end up turning Glass off in their network environment, as well as Sidebar Gadgets etc. He complains about the UI but likes many of the security and performance enhancements that Vista has. The upgrading factor isn’t Glass really since it can be turned off.

    Me, personally? I installed Vista on my new Dell Laptop numerous times and I cannot get Glass. I hate it. I prefer to get Glass myself. So I choose to run XP on it. I might reconsider this thought when we get to Beta 2 but my major issue is with the non-Glass “Scrap Metal” theme Microsoft has in Vista. Why can’t Microsoft atleast give us a theme that looks up to par with XP’s “Luna” theme? I am a bit lost on this one.

  9. Patrick S Says:

    I think after Glass has been used for a while it will get turned off…People will prob choose preformance of glamour