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Microsoft Patch ‘Erases’ Outlook Express Addresses

April 21st, 2006 by Patrick S

IT seems that one of the Patches that MSFT released last week is causing problems according to some XP users. (Familiar Feeling).

After applying the patch from security bulletin MS06-016, say dozens of users, their Outlook Express e-mail client’s address book disappeared and form-style messages can’t be sent.

After the update was applied last Thursday, when I try to open one of the .eml [templates] on my desktop, it opens and only allows me to forward the e-mail,” wrote Ken Terry on Microsoft’s Outlook Express newsgroup.

The problem was the MS06-016 patch (also tagged as KB911567); uninstalling the patch returned the address book to its prior state and allowed template-based messages to be e-mailed normally.

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