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Users feel pain after latest Microsoft patch.

April 19th, 2006 by Patrick S

Microsoft‘s latest security patch is causing issues for users of several HP products including cameras, scanners and printers.

Problems include blocked access to special folders like My Documents and My Pictures, and Office applications that stop responding when users try to save files in the My Documents folder.

Microsoft said in a security bulletin that the issue could also cause Internet Explorer to become unresponsive. 

The HP issues are caused by the vendor’s Share-to-Web software that comes bundled with several of its hardware products. The application is automatically started when a system boots up, and is flagged by the new shell validation tool.

“The change is not related to a software vulnerability, merely a product behaviour change to make the product more resilient to attack,” Microsoft security programme manager Mike Reavey said in a blog posting. 

Microsoft has provided instructions on how to repair both issues on its website.


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2 Responses

  1. Andre Da Costa Says:

    I was experiencing this on XP x86, when I browse a network location from
    within Word or try to insert a Word doc from the Insert menu into word, Word
    hangs and crashes then sends in a report.

    I used the this fix provided by Charles Kenyon:

  2. Andre N Says:

    “Microsoft said in a security bulletin that the issue could also cause Internet Explorer to become unresponsive. ”

    Ah, right… that would explain my problems after installing the latest patches – IE would only follow links, it wouldn’t go to an address I had typed in the Address bar..