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New Microsoft Exchange 12 will be 64 Bit only!

April 19th, 2006 by Patrick S

Looks like Microsoft’s latest version of their Exchage mail server will only run on x64 bit systems only. When this ships in 2007 this may very well tip enterprise IT to migrate to x64 infra-however i think it will cause a bit of troubble too.

Q.Why will Microsoft only offer Exchange “12” for x64 (64-bit) systems?

A. E-mail messaging has evolved into a mission-critical application for most businesses today. We heard from our customers that their current messaging solutions were being pushed to the limit. Demands being placed on messaging solutions continue to grow, and by nature 32-bit e-mail server systems have memory limitations which restrict the ability to support these demands in a cost-effective way. Additionally, customers want to consolidate their servers to manage cost and complexity. 64-bit servers provide the system architecture required to support greater demands and to consolidate servers.

FAQ continued:

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