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Microsoft’s Paul Donnelly: “We are not releasing a build today”

April 17th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

The latest news out of Redmond this morning is that Microsoft will NOT be releasing a new interim build today.

Microsoft’s Paul Donnelly had the following to say to testers this morning:

“We are not releasing a build today.  I have received emails and IM’s from a number of people about a supposed build release today.  This is not the plan and it seems some people out there that have popular Windows rumor sites have gotten some bad information.”

He continues to add that “We may have something soon that we can release to you with any luck it could be sooner rather than later.  It’s an ongoing process and I can’t make any promises or even speculate what build or when it might be.

I can tell you that 5365 will not be posted for you today and I can assure you that as soon as we have something that is worthy of release we’ll get it out there.  I would like to have a reasonably solid, updated build available to you as much as anyone.”

As usual we here at MSBLOG will keep you updated on all non-NDA information as we receive it.  Thanks for reading!


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