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How to Run IE 7 without installing it

April 9th, 2006 by Patrick S

If you want to test IE7 without the risk of installing a beta software, here is a simple way to do it. This method does not install IE 7 the usual way- instead you just run it from the installer package and hence your system does not get littered with beta dlls all over the place.

  1. Download IE7 beta from the MS website at . Save the file at a location from where you want to run it. For example C:\IE7Beta
  2. Right click the file and select “Extract Here” option from the Winzip/WinRAR context menu.
  3. Once all the files are extracted, find the file named “shlwapi.dll” and delete it.
  4. Create a file by name “IEXPLORE.exe.local”. Make sure that it does not have the .txt extension. [Go to Tools-> Folder Options -> View -> uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”.]
  5. Launch iexplore.exe from the same folder and verify that it works.
  6. Right click on iexplore.exe and select “Send To…-> Desktop (Create Shortcut)”.

This method also helps in running both IE7 and IE6 side-by-side! A great help for web designers. To uninstall, just delete the folder where you extracted the installation package!

Trivia: With the new beta, the browser is no longer called “Microsoft Internet Explorer”. It is now “Windows Internet Explorer”.
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