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Windows Live Collections (that could be a service in itself!)

March 31st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

I saw this on CNet earlier on, and have basically transcribed what was written there into a nice little easy-to-view article on “what services are included with Windows Live” and I can guarantee that some you will have never heard of! 😉

Windows Live Mail – codenamed “Kahuna”
What is it? Successor to Hotmail, more like a traditional e-mail program such as Outlook
Status: Reached the “M5” beta stage in March, about 1 million users

Windows Live Search
What is it? Microsoft’s homegrown search engine
Status: Public beta launched in March

Windows Live Local
What is it? Maps and directions; Bird’s eye and street-level images
Status: Public beta launched in December

Windows Live Search Mobile
What is it? The mobile version of homegrown search
Status: Private beta

Windows Live Expo – codenamed “Fremont”
What is it? A free online marketplace for goods that can also be limited to a social network
Status: Recently moved from internal and limited testing into U.S. public beta

Windows Live Family Safety Settings – codenamed “Vegas”
What is it? Parental control tools for monitoring children’s online use
Status: In limited beta with fewer than 10,000 testers; public test expected in early summer

Windows OneCare Live – codenamed “A1”
What is it? Subscription antivirus service
Status: Updated 315,000-user beta added anti-spyware; paid service to launch in June

Windows Live Video – codenamed “Warhol”
What is it? User-generated video
Status: Not yet in public testing

Windows Live Messenger
What is it? Successor to MSN Messenger, adds social networking and contact-sharing features
Status: Recently moved from limited testing into invitation beta with 1.5 million testers
What is it? Based on, a homepage with gadgets, RSS feeds and more
Status: Public beta with 3 million registered users

Live AdCenter – codenamed “Moonshot”
What is it? For serving up paid search ads; Uses demographics to help target the marketing message
Status: Launched in Singapore and France and in beta in the U.S.; Serves 40% of MSN paid-search ads

Windows Live Safety Center
What is it? Free basic antivirus protection
Status: Beta; performed 1.3 million scans and cleaned 150,000 PCs as of February.

Windows Live Favorites – codenamed “Roaming Favorites”
What is it? Stores Web bookmarks online
Status: Public beta since November

Windows Live Custom Domains
What is it? A way for people to use Windows Live Mail with their existing e-mail domain
Status: Limited beta, U.S.-only

Windows Live Toolbar
What is it? A collection of services under a common Web toolbar
Status: Beta launched in March

Windows Live Answers
What is it? Direct answers to fact-based Web queries
Status: No release plans any time soon

Windows Live Clipboard
What is it? Outlined by Ray Ozzie, uses a mashup of technologies to allow an online equivalent of a PC’s clipboard
Status: No release plans any time soon

Windows Live ID
What is it? A new authentication tool for Live services, based on Passport, Microsoft’s once-controversial authentication service
Status: Expected to be released later this year

Windows Live Mail Desktop
What is it? A desktop application for viewing Windows Live Mail
Status: Went into early beta testing March 28, broader testing expected in the spring

Source: CNet

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