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Microsoft employees call to “fire the power!”

March 27th, 2006 by Patrick S

While I was on my lunch break I was surfing my regular news site for some interesting news articles and one particular article caught my eye.

It seems that MSFT employees are arguing amongst themselves over who is to blame for the delay of Microsoft’s next operating system (Microsoft Windows Vista). One of the employees is voicing his feelings in his blog post saying “fire the power.” Because of the delay in vista that was announced a couple of weeks ago for corporate customers, while consumer versions will not be out until early 07.

In the posting the anonymous employee complains ‘We’re missing the holiday sales market. Not only did we miss last year’s opportunity, we’re missing this year’s opportunity, too’. He finally signed off with the call for heads to roll at Microsoft senior management with the comment ‘People need to be fired and moved out of Microsoft today. Where’s the freakin’ accountability?’ 

The diatribe set off a lot of feeling amongst Microsoft employees with several demanding that Ballmer should head the list of people who should be fired from the company. One remarked: ‘Being a 10+ year vet I feel ashamed and sad. This company is a mess on so many levels’.
Even more damning is the comment ‘Vista – I wouldn’t buy it with someone else’s money. Then again what do I know, I’ve only been testing the dog for the last 2-3 yrs’. 

Although the reasons for the delay are cited as beefing up the security of the product, there are said to be major problems in other areas of the code too – in particular the Media Centre (MCE) is said to be seriously flawed. One comment says ‘why exactly IS MCE so bad? Didn’t anyone test this puppy before kicking it out the door and having another PM party?’. 

I find this simply amazing indeed. Although MSFT will miss the holiday period vista will still be a big hit as seen in the Beta builds we testers get annually. Weather they can pull it together and release it earlier only time will tell. 

Quoted text: Source pcpro

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One Response

  1. Zack Whittaker Says:

    All I can say to this… is this bloke’s on the verge of “going postal”…