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DPM SP1 Beta

March 23rd, 2006 by Joseph Bittman MCSD .Net

Well, you are about to get the latest info on the beta & release timeframe of DPM’s first Service Pack. . . . . Karan has stated in the newsgroups:

 “The release time frame for SP1 is early summer of this year.”

Also about the beta build(s) of SP1: “There *might* be some paperwork (NDA) involved as this will be unreleased software. ”

 What does the NDA quote mean? Probably means that it may/may not be a private beta.

For everyone interested, SP1 will have the ability to *protect* x64 file servers, but the ability for the *DPM Server* to run x64 will be presented in V2. I sure hope that Virtual Server comes up to bat with x64 guest OSes by the time of V2’s beta!

Have questions? Drop a comment here or in the DPM NG at microsoft.public.dataprotectionamanger…


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5 Responses

  1. Georg Hehberger Says:

    Hmm i tested DPM when it was beta, and i have to say that I didn’t really get much out of it.
    Besides the flexibilty of having expanding dynamic discs, can some elaborate on why it is supposed to be a better disk based backup solution than plain DFS-R plus shadow copies?

  2. Patrick Elliott [MVP] Says:

    Hi Georg, please see this link:
    Which talks about the differences between DFS and DPM
    Let us know if you want any more info 🙂
    – Patrick Elliott

  3. experiencing technology » Blog Archive » DFS-R & Shadow Copies = DPM? Says:

    […] After reading this post I rembered that I tested the Data Protection Manager when it was still beta, I never thought about it much more, I use DFS-R for backup/data collection needs now. […]

  4. Georg Hehberger Says:

    Thanks, very nice, was a good read!
    After I did some testing with DPM involving brutal stuff like powering down the protecting server unexpectedly I noticed that DFS-R behaves better in such critical scenarios, guess it’s because there is no real need to re-sync all files that have to be in the backup.
    I will however continue my testing, I’m really looking forward to increase the amount of data to match the currently dfrs replicated production environment, which is roughly 800GB.
    For the brave people willing to read on there is more info in my latest blog, link is provided above.

  5. Patrick S Says:

    so is this beta open to the public?