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Xbox 360 bus experience!

March 23rd, 2006 by Patrick S

After class yesterday I ventured down town to check out this XBOX 360 bus that was in town (Its touring all around New Zealand and it picks the day of launch to visit here)
To be honest the turnout was pretty damn dismal due to the rain, but that didn’t bother me (The more free stuff for me. Plus I got to give the new console a try 😀 )
And what a console it was! Most of the games were right up my alley with brilliant GFX, Physics and did I mention the GFX? It was truly amazing. The bus was very cool inside dark with a green glow so we could get the most out of our gaming experience. I must say though the best game would clearly be Delta force 😉
The bus’s sides popped out and either side were about 10 plasma screens. Inside were about 14 Xbox consoles with a range of games.
I managed to take some pictures (although they are rather lame sue to the low light and the poor quality on my camera phone but it gives you a small insight to what it was like. 
Very pleased I got to go. I would love to buy a console but unfortunately a lack of funds prevents me…All in good time.
Oh got some  free stuff too:

  • Xbox 360 Trucker Cap
  • Wristband
  • Sweat Band
  • lanyard
  • Whole lot of stickers

 Check out the pictures here:

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