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Microsoft MechCommander 2 Source Code Released

March 21st, 2006 by André Nogueira

The source code for Microsoft MechCommander 2 has been released!

Was a move by Microsoft to promote their under development XNA framework. As Brian Keller, a product manager for Microsoft XNA, put it in his blog:

In order to showcase how XNA Build can be used to build real games, we wanted to get the source code and assets for an actual game so that you could try it without needing to model your own game in XNA Build right away. Courtesy of Microsoft Game Studios, this release contains all of the source code and source assets for the original MechCommander 2 along with the original tools used to build the game. The only thing we did to prepare it to be built with XNA Build was convert the original .BAT files used to build the game into an XNA Build project file (which is fundamentally an MSBuild project file). Of course, if you just want to fire up MechCommander 2 and play the game you can do that, too!

Get the source code here!

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  1. Patrick S Says:

    From a programing point of view, that will be right up your alley!