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XBOX360 Firmware Hacked!

March 17th, 2006 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

A hacker who calls himself “TheSpecialist” stated that he has flashed his XBOX360 with his own custom firmware to run backups of original games!


TheSpecialist claims:

I doubt you’ll see some kind of other hack soon, that lets you boot unsigned code for example. [Microsoft] did a very good job on the [Xbox 360] itself this time. However, they made a big mistake by forgetting about the firmware. They even didn’t remove the debug routines from the FW [firmware], quite amazing.The 360 has a little bit more advanced protection in its FW than the original Xbox, but still, they [forgot] about the debug routines, that were very helpful to us, and most importantly: not signing the firmware.


So watch out for upcoming custom firmwares. 🙂

…oh and we don’t support piracy! 🙂

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