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Microsoft Fingerprint Reader-My Review:

March 16th, 2006 by Patrick S

Well i thought i might begin to write a hardware/sodtware review every-now-and-then. This is my 1st try so its average! 

Upon opening my newly acquired Microsoft Finger Print reader (the standalone unit) I couldn’t help notice how small it was…I was expecting something a bit larger to be honest.
I figured that I am sick of having to enter incredibly long passwords to get into websites (e.g Connect and BP) or to get into my operating system (Being the secure freak that I am) and a biometric solution was in order.
Basically on just about any logon screen I simply touch my finger onto the glowing oval that is the reader and I am “in”. The supplied software auto-fills the user field and hits the appropriate button e.g. ‘Sign-In’   
The install of the product was so easy and fast, after the install was complete I then assigned my 10 fingers to the reader. After I had done this I was done, my operating system from then on used my fingerprint as my password (I could type it in if need be) From there I went to any site that I often used a password-placed my finger on the reader and “bingo” I am asked to supply credentials for the form on the page for the reader to auto fill from then on.
The only quarrel I had with it was if I wanted to use the classic windows logon screen (same screen shown when you want to connect to a domain) the fingerprint reader was rendered useless-it was simply incompatible, however if I had to describe the Microsoft Fingerprint reader in an incredibly short, however meaningful sentence I would say: ‘Awesome, convenient and ever so helpful-I am not sure what I would have done without it’
As good as the reader is on Windows XP, it will not support anything lower-sorry win 3.11 fanboy’s (*ehm*, Dennis 😉 )
Patrick S

fo login window

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4 Responses

  1. Deansweb2004|NT Says:

    Yer ive also got one but I gave it to my dad due to the fact I have Vista machines which isnt compatible, longhorn machines, test xp machines (domain logon), therefor I really think Microsoft should make it more compatible espcially XP with Domains.. But I guss this is a BIG security risk

  2. Patrick Elliott [MVP] Says:

    It doesn’t work with classic logon? Damn. It’s useless to me then 😛

  3. Vince Monte Says:


    One of my customers is interested in the reader. There are twenty five users in the group and they logon to Windows 2003 Server. You could help me out with this. First, we would have to change the (domain) logon. That could be arranged after a lot of arguing with the IT person. Then, if the software actually looks up the info in the user file, do you think it has enough to get to the server, since it replaces what would be keyed in. Correct? Finally, if that should work, I’m wondering, if I have some folks’ user information, put on each machine that they might want to log into…and, the login/server connection works, then they would be able to login at different PCs. Also, if we got really ambitious, we could have everybody’s user infor, put on each PC, but that’s not their intention, only some of the PCs would need the capability. Of course, the biggy for all of this is the connection to the server. Since both or either of you has more knowledge about this, I’d appreciate anything you may want to add about your observations.


  4. Patrick S Says:

    I dont think this will work for you… As you see you need the GUI version of the login screen (only found on XP) It wont work with server as it is not compatable with classic logon. Other FP readers may but not the current drivers… New ones are out for Vista if this is any help.