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Microsoft self DDoS it’s own server

March 15th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Office 2007 Beta 1 Technical Refresh was released 2 days ago, however from the very 1st horu when Office 2007 Beta 1 Technical Refresh was posted in Betaplace, Betaplace’s speed has gone down tremendously, and sometimes accessing the website is impossible.

2 days later (now), testers are still experiencing the same issue. Although some testers have already finished downloading and is already testing out the latest build, the other some are still waiting for the download to finish.

Microsoft said that they have added additional/extra servers just before they have this build uploaded in expectation for this to occur, however these extra servers didn’t overcome the current issues.

I hope MS will resolve it soon enough.

Microsoft self DDoS its own server… Why?

Self test: See if you can access Betaplace.

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6 Responses

  1. Patrick Elliott [MVP] Says:

    I hope so too, those servers are right across the street from where I am now!! :@

  2. Patrick S Says:

    I accessed it late yesterday and currently am downloading the “SelectEN.iso” file.

  3. Deansweb2004|NT Says:

    Patrick E sneak in and steal *borrow* a copy and then send it to us via post hehe 🙂

  4. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Well, we’ve just recieved an email from them…

    “We have received numerous reports of users with difficulty accessing and downloading files since we released 2007 Microsoft Office Beta 1 TR on Monday. Even with the additional BetaPlace servers added since the Beta 1 release, BetaPlace is experiencing problems meeting the demand caused by the extremely large number users hitting the site at the same time. It was hoped this issue would resolve itself over time, but it has not.”

    Looks like they’ll be sorting it out within 4-6 hours… but what makes me laugh in that article… “Self test: See if you can access Betaplace”… LOL!! Very funny 😛

  5. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Hold on… I’m already running the new beta refresh, I’m happy 😀

  6. Patrick S Says:

    Oh MSBLOG is back up again…Well i better get downloading: IT stopped late last night so i gave up…time for a complete re-download i cant afford corruption!